To Kill a Mockingbird Allusions

The Creek Indians Creek = Ochese Creek in Georgia. Natives lived harmoniously with the settlers until after the RedStick War in 1813.How used in Book: scout says that if General Jackson hadn’t run the creeks up the creek, Simon Finch would never have paddled up the Alabama.
The Battle of Hastings a famous battle in England’s history; most people had an ancestor who fought in this battleHow used in Book: scout say that being southerners, it was a source of shame to some members of the family that we had no recorded ancestors on either side of the Battle of Hastings and that all they had was Simon Finch.
human chattels the slave tradeHow used in Book: scout says Simon Finch having forgotten his teacher’s dictum on the possession of human chattels bought three slaves.
Hoover cart split a car in half and attach the back half to a horse or mule; eliminated the need to buy gasolineduring the Great DepressionHow used in Book: scout says bony mules hitched to hoover carts flicked flies on a hot summers day.
a swept-yard a yard with no grass; had hard-packed clay as its surface and was supposed to be swept once eachday to prevent seeds from growingHow used in Book: scout explains how the Radley place had a yard that was never swept and where johnson grass and rabbit-tobacco grew in abundance.
flivver a cheap, beat up car; very common during the Great DepressionHow used in Book: Boo and his two friends were backing around the square in a borrowed flivver.
straw put down on the sidewalks an old custom outside the home of a dying person; cuts down on the noise on the sidewalkHow used in Book: when Mr. Radley died.
Union suit a long-sleeved, long-legged onesie which buttons up the front and has a button-flap in the back forbathroom purposesHow used in Book: when scout said that reading just came to her like fastening her union suit.
Dewey Decimal System a system for cataloging books in a library (stickers on the spine are arranged in this system)How used in Book: Jem tells scout its the new way of teaching first grade.
hookworms a parasite which enters the skin by walking through dirt which is contaminated by feces; Affects yourlungs and small intestines.How used in Book: scout says Walter Cunningham has hookworms.
a dose of magnesia a rather quick-acting laxative thought to rid the body of whatever makes you feel ill; kids hated it, so parents often used it as a tool of leverage when children said they didn’t feel well and didn’t want to go to school; the threat of a dose of magnesia would get kids to confess the truthHow used in Book: when scout tried getting out of going to school Atticus told her that she could have a dose of magnesia.
scuppernong a big white grape; found only in the Southern United StatesHow used in Book: scout describes her treaty with Miss Maudie and how they could eat her scuppernong if they obeyed rules.
Indian-Head pennies a one-cent coin from the mid-late 1800s, featuring an Indian Head emblem. One of the most soughtout coins ever produced in the US.How used in Book: Jem and scout found two Indian-Head pennies in knot hole in the live oak by the Radley Place.
Second Battle of the Marne the last major German offensive on the Western Front of World War I. Germans were overpoweredby French and American forces. They surrendered 3 months later and World War I ended.How used in Book: when Miss Maudie found a blade of nut grass in her yard she claimed it was like the Second Battle of the Marne.
Nova Scotia second smallest province of Canada; 2108 miles from Meridian, MississippiHow used in Book: Dill Harris had been to Nova Scotia.
Little Three Eyes Grimm fairy tale of 3 sisters – One, Two, and Three Eyes. Three Eyes allows 2 of her eyes to fall asleep but she keeps the third eye open to spy on her sistersHow used in Book: Jem asks if little three eyes was asleep, meaning scout, the night he lost his pants at the Radley’s.
Rosetta Stone a stone found in 1799 inscribed with a religious decree in 196 BC. Had the same decree in 3 different languages. It revealed the culture and language of Ancient Egypt.How used in Book: Atticus said that Mr. Avery said it was written on the Rosetta Stone that when children disobeyed their parents, that the seasons would change.
Lane Cake a cake which was created by Emma Rylander Lane in 1898. She called it “Prize Cake”, but the namewas later changed to Lane Cake. It is a bourbon-heavy cake which made Scout “tight” (constipated)How used in Book: Miss Maudie baked a Lane cake so loaded with shinny it made scout tight.
Ol’ Blue Lights Stonewall Jackson’s nickname; his eyes were crystal blueHow used in Book: cousin Ike said to Atticus when they rehashed the war that Ol’ Blue Lights was in heaven then, God rest his saintly brow.
lineaments a distinctive facial featureHow used in Book: a flip of the coin revealed the uncompromising lineaments of Aunt Alex and Francis.
ingenuous diversions simple, innocent ways of entertaining yourselfHow used in Book: when scout said that Francis disliked her ingenuous diversions.
Rose Aylmer a poem about a beautiful woman who died an early death and left her love heartbrokenHow used in Book: was Uncle Jacks cat. A beautiful yellow female that Uncle Jack said was the only woman he could stand permanently.
14. Add-a-Pearl Necklace a necklace given to a girl at birth or in her early years, and pearls are added on special occasionsthroughout the girl’s lifetime. By marriage, she should have a full strand of pearls.How used in Book: scout explains that Aunt Alex’s vision of her deportment involved playing with small stoves, tea sets, and wearing an add-a-pearl necklace.
“Let this cup pass from you” Jesus asked god to spare him from crucifixion, if God chose (“Let this cup pass from me”). In thischapter, Atticus is discussing the Tom Robinson trial with Uncle Jack, and Jack says, “Let this cup pass from you”.How used in Book: Uncle Jack says this to Atticus when they are discussing the Tom Robinsin trail.
a mad dog a dog with rabies who acts mad (crazy)How used in Book: Jem notices Tim Jonsons old dog coming up the street.
CSA pistol Confederate States of American pistol given to Civil War VeteransHow used in Book: It was rumored that Mrs. Dubose kept a CSA pistol concealed amoung her numerous shawls and wraps.
Ivanhoe a historical novel about an English noble who is at odds with his father for showing allegiance to thenew Norman King – and falling in love with a girl promised to someone elseHow used in Book: The book Jem had to read to Mrs. Dubose as punishment for cutting the tops off of all of her camellia bushes.
Octagon soap a soap typically used for degreasing dishes and clothingHow used in Book: When Calpurnia was getting the kids ready to go to her church with her she made scout wash her self clean with octagon soap twice.
Brown’s mule chewing tobaccoHow used in Book: when scout said that the smell of clean negro we found them with brown;s mules scent.
Blackstone’s Commentaries most important book written about English law; a reference for the creation of AmericanGovernmentHow used in Book: A book that Miss Buford taught Cal out of that was given to her scout and Jems grandfather.
Lydia Pinkham maker of medicines targeted at women in the late 19 and early 19th Centuries. Most contained lots of alcohol and became addictiveHow used in Book: scout says that if Mrs. Grace Merriweather sips gin out of Lydia Pinkham bottles it’s nothing unusual -her mother did the same.
Mennonites a religious group which rejects military service, church organization, and public officeHow used in Book: Jem said to Dill “Yonder’s some Mennonites” when a wagon load of ladies went past them.
champertous connivance someone not on trial agrees to pay for a lawyer, in exchange for a portion of the profits of the trialHow used in Book: what judge Taylor says when asked upon what grounds. Before the trial begins.
ambidextrous able to use right and left hands equally wellHow used in Book: what Atticus asks Mr. Ewell when he shows he’s right handed. Mr. Ewell’s answer makes him seem like a fool.
chiffarobe a tall dresser with doors that open so you can hang things or drawers to store thingsHow used in Book: The thing that Mayella asks Tom Robinson to take apart.
a tray of charlotte a cake which has sponge finger cookies around the edges, topped with peach slices, and served with whipped creamHow used in Book: Cal brings a tray of charlotte into Aunt Alex’s little get together after the trial is over.
J. Grimes Everett a missionary who has gone to Africa to live with the Mruna tribe and convert them to Christianity.Aunt Alexandra’s missions circle fully supports J. Grimes Everett and does everything they can to give him what he needs.How used in Book: Mrs. Merriweather and the circle adore him adn fully support him.
Adolf Hitler German leader of the Nazi Party; Germans say “Add-olf”; Americans say “A-dolf”.How used in Book: was Cecil Jacops current event assignment.
Three-Fingered Fred a character in the Grey Ghost book series who is not as bad as he was made out to beHow used in Book: a character in the book that Atticus was reading to scout while sitting in Jem’s room the night the kids were attacked.
Stoner’s Boy another Grey Ghost character who was totally different than what readers expected him to beHow used in Book: a character in the book that Atticus was reading to scout while sitting in Jem’s room the night the kids were attacked.

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