To Kill A Mockingbird 4-5

Auspicious (pg.32) describes a situation that’s positive or indicative of good things or a lucky person.Ex. The graduation from high school was auspicious.
Arbitrated (pg. 37) to decide (a dispute) as an arbitrator.Ex. Jem arbitrated, awarded me first push with an extra time for Dill.
Quelling (pg. 41) to crush; subdue; put an end to.Ex. The quelling of Gadhafi’s power happened recently.
Asinine (pg. 49) to be silly, stupid, or ridiculous.Ex. The asinine jokes by the jester didn’t humor the audience.
Benign describing something good, kind, or not dangerous.Ex. The benign appearance of its mother calmed the hatchling.
Benevolence (pg. 43) a kind act or gift or the doing of kind things for others; good-willed.Ex. Maudie’s benevolence extended to Jem and Dill, whenever they paused in their pursuits: we reaped the benefits Maudie kept hidden from us.
Tacit (pg.42) understood or implied without being openly said or shown.Ex. The child remained tacit as the father gave out orders.

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