To Kill A Mockingbird

Why does it take Walter Cunningham so long to make up his mind? He won’t be able to pay him back but he wants to go. Also, Scout just beat him up so he hesitates
Eula May Maycomb’s leading telephone operator
Absolute Morphodite/ Caricature of neighbor Scout misheard Miss Maudie when she said “hermaphrodite”, which is technically an animal or plant that has both female and male reproductive organs. She innocently refers to the snowman as “the morphodite”
Judge John Taylor He told Atticus to take the case with Tom Robinson. Assumes that chances are against them but Atticus is the only one with the dignity enough to take the case.
Ivanhoe Book Jem is reading to Mrs.Dubose. In book, the knight is saving damsel in distress
Snow-on-the-Mountain Camellia flower
Real courage “It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what” – Atticus talking about Mrs. Dubose
Box for Jem from Mrs.Dubose It had a single white, waxy, perfect camellia. Symbol of courage and how she’s forgiven him
Montgomery Advertiser’s cartoon Newspaper is making fun of Atticus
Girls in cartoon reference to Atticus going against girls
Chains in cartoon Showing he is being forced to do it. People wonder why he is working so hard
Shorts and no shoes in cartoon Reference to strong slaves in fields
First Purchase African M.E. Church that Calpurnia goes to. Ironic because Church is a gambling place in the week
Mr. Link Deas Offered to give Helen Robinson a job
Atticus like Cousin Joshua In Alexandra’s eyes, Atticus is becoming a cousin Joshua by taking on this case. Verbal Irony because he doesn’t care if he’s perceived that way
Death and Politics Grown men who stand outside the front yard are there for only two reasons, death and politics
“… Walter Cunningham stands in my shoes…” Scout made the mob realize that you can’t kill innocence. That reminds Walter he has a kid too the same age as Scout
“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance” Miss Maudie. Bible Verse – As long as you’re doing what makes you happy, it’s okay”
“But you didn’t call a doctor.” Atticus is trying to find inconsistencies. He is trying to raise suspicions that Bob beat his daughter. Bob Ewell values money (saving money) over daughter
Geranium The flowers in Ewell’s yard. Cheaper flower, shows socioeconomic status. Red color – sexual, not pure
“You keep mockin’ me.” Mayella is trying to use her status (low socio-economic) in society to her advantage by making it seem like Atticus is attacking them and women
“You felt sorry for her…” In Mr.Gilmer’s eyes: How dare you claim you are equal or above to a white woman
Coca-cola Mr.Raymond is pretending he’s drinking alcohol so people accept him the way he wants to be
Misses Tutti and Frutti Barber They complained that town needed something to do so they encouraged the pageant. Ultimate reason why Jem/Scout were walking home that night, reason why Bob Ewell attacked them that night, and reason why Boo saved them that night
“I was to be a ham.” Joke – phrase “Acting like a ham” means that you are looking for attention
The Gray Ghost The ghost is not the source of all the problems that people think it is responsible for. Scout connects this to Boo

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