TKAM Trial Organizer

Fact: No Doctor was called. Heck Tate: No medical examination of Mayells, therefore, no evidence of rape.
Fact: Right side of Mayella’s face bruised Heck Tate: Person who beat her was left handed.
Fact: Both Mayella’s arms bruised Heck Tate: Person grabbed BOTH her arms.
Fact: Finger marks all around her neck Heck Tate: Person grabed her neck with both hands.
Fact: No doctor was called. Bob Ewell: No medical examination of Mayells, therefore no evidence of rape, ALSO. . . Shows that Bob doesn’t care about Mayella’s well being like a normal father should.
Fact: Agrees with Heck Tate’s testimony regarding Mayella’s injuries. Bob Ewell: He is agreeing that the person who attacked Mayella used bothe hands and was left-handed.
Fact: Writes his name and is left-handed. Bob Ewell: Bob Ewell beat his daughter, NOT Tom Robinson.

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