TKAM Novel Road Map to Success

Where does the narrator live? Maycomb, Alabama
How old are Jem and Scout when the story starts? Scout is 5 and Jem is 10
Who is their new friend? Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
What is the name of the odd family in Maycomb? The Radley’s
Why does Jem touch the Radley house? He is dared by Dill
How does Scout feel about starting school? Scout feels excited
What things does Scout get in trouble for at School? Being able to read, writing in cursive, and telling Ms. Caroline about the Cunninghams
Why won’t Walter Cunningham Jr. take Miss Caroline’s money? He cant pay it back and Cunningham’s dont take what they cant pay back.
How does Walter Cunningham, Sr. pay Atticus for his legal work. With the things he grows on his property
What do Walter and Atticus discus at lunch? Farm matters.
How does Calpurnia tell Scout to behave during lunch To respect your Company.
What about Burris Ewell frightens Miss Caroline? a cootie crawls out of his hair
What does Scout ask Atticus to do about her Schooling? To stay home and and let Atticus teach her.
What compromise does Atticus make with the narrator after hearing about this? As long as Scout goes to School he will read to her every night.
Why does Jem push Scout extra hard in the tire? Because he is mad at her bc she commented on him talking about hot steams.
where does Scout Land after being pushed into the tire? Radely Front Steps
What new drama does Jem suggest they play? Boo Radley
What are the two reasons the new playacting makes Scout Nervous? 1. Atticus Disproves2. She heard a laugh from inside the Radely house
What kind of relationship do the kids have with miss maudie? Good, open, respectful, and friendly
What does Miss Maudie tell Scout about the Boo Radely stories Scout repeats? That it’s just gossip
how do Jem and Dill plan to give Boo Radley a note They try to stick the note in a window of the Radley place with a fishing pole
What does the note say? Come out and talk to them and they’ll get him an ice cream and they won’t hurt him
What is Atticus’ reaction to the scheme? Tells them to leave the Radely’s alone
What do Jem, Scout, and Dill do on his last night in Maycomb? (Dill) Try to peep in the windows with the loose shutter to get a look at Boo Radley.
What does the Man on the Porch do? shot his shotgun in the air
What happens to Jem as they’re fleeing? His pants get caught on the fence.
How does Dill explain Jem’s missing pants? They played strip-poker
What does Jem do in the middle of the night? Go get his Pants
What does Jem tell Scout about his pants? that they were folded over the fence and mended
What is Scout’s initial reaction to finding the Soap carvings? She screams and drops them.
What is Jem’s reaction? (To the Soap Carvings) He admires them.
Why are they unable to fulfill their plan? The Tree Hole is filled with cement by Mr. Nathan Radley.
How does Jem react to Nathan Radley’s actions? He cries.
What is Atticus reaction to the Snowman’s likeness to Mr.Avery He laughs
What happens to Miss Maudie’s home It burns to the ground.
Where are Scout and Jem during Miss Maudie’s house Burning? Front of the Radley house
What new item does Scout have in the morning after Miss Maudie’s house Burning? Blanket
Where does it come from? (blanket) Boo Radley
Why does Scout fight Cecil Jacobs Because he said Atticus defended Negros
Who is Atticus Defending? Tom Robinson
Why does Atticus feel like he has to take the case He wants to be a good role-model for the kids
why is atticus worried about scout learning to keep her head in the next few months? because the cursing is just a phase but a hothead is forever.
What does Scout realize years later about the conversation between Atticus and Jack? He wanted her to hear.
In what ways is Atticus different from the other fathers of Scout’s and Jem’s friends? He is an older single father
What does Atticus tell Jem about shooting Mockingbirds? Its a sin
What does Miss Maudie say about Mockingbirds They dont do any harm all they do is sing for Us
Who shoots Tim Johnson? (Dog) Atticus
How does Jem React to Atticus shooting Tim Johnson? he has more respect and is proud.
What does Mrs. Dubose say that particularly uspsets jem? She says Atticus is a Negro-lover.
What does Jem buy Scout? baton
What does Jem do when he passes by Mrs. Dubose’s house when she isnt on the porch? He breaks Scout’s baton to destroy her Camilla bushes.
What is Jem’s punishment? He has to read to Mrs. Dubose for 2 hours every day after school and on the weekends.
What patter emerges in the afternoon reading sessions They get longer.
What happens to Jem at the age of 12 Puberty
Why does Calpurnia take Jem and Scout to church with her? Because last time Atticus wasn’t there they got in trouble in Sunday School.
What does First Purchase African M.E. look like? Its unfinished
How do the other members of First Purchase behave? They are all respectful except for Lula she is racist.
How did Calpurnia learn to read? Mrs. Maudie’s aunt taught her
How does Aunt Alexandra involve herself in Maycomb’s social life? She is in all the business
Why does Aunt Alexandra usually regret asking Scout to come in and say hello to a visitor? Because scout doesnt look like a cute little girl.
What is Atticus supposed to discuss with Scout and Jem? Family history
how does Scout react when Atticus tells her to stop making noise with the comb? Supersized and stunned and her feelings are hurt.
What does Atticus tell the children at the end of the chapter? (chapter 13) To forget what he said.
How does Atticus react to hearing about Scout and Jem’s visit to Calpurnia’s church? He thought it was a great idea.
why does Scout start fighting Jem? He told her what to do.
What does Scout find under her bed? Dill
How does Jem break the “Code of Childhood”? He tattled to Atticus about Dill being there
Why did Dill run away from home? His parents weren’t paying enough attention to him.
What does Atticus take with him when he leaves on Sunday evening? An Extension cord and a lightbulb
Where do they find Atticus? sitting outside the county jail
How does Jem react when Atticus tells him to go home? He refuses
What is Scout trying to accomplish when she speaks to Mr. Cunningham? make polite conversation
What does the crowd do after Scout talks to Mr. Cunningham They leave
How does everyone feel in the Finch house the morning of the trial? Tense and nervous
What does Atticus tell the children about coming downtown? To not come
How does Mr. Dolphus Raymond differ from other white folks? He perfers black company
What new information does Scout learn about the Tom Robinson case? Atticus had a choice to take the case
Where do the kids sit during the trial? in the balcony with the Blacks
On which side is Mayella Bruised? Her right
How does Bob Ewell act on the witness stand? Obnoxious, cocky and uneducated
How does the judge react to Mr.Ewell’s behavior? he becomes annoyed
what us Mr.Ewell’s testimony? He comes back hears Mayella screaming looks through the window and sees Tom raping her and he gets away before Mr. Ewell gets in the house
what does the reader learn when Mr.Ewell signs his name? He is left handed
What is Mayella afraid of when she first gets on the witness stand? Atticus
What is Mayella’s version of the events? She asked Tom to do some work for her and she went in the house and he followed her in and he attacked her
what is wrong with tom’s arm? it’s crippled due to him getting it stuck in a cotton gen as a child.
Who does Atticus suggest actually beat up Mayella? her father (Bob Ewell)
Who is Atticus only witness? Tom
What is Tom’s version of the events? He Says he went in to get something she couldn’t reach and she kissed him (she made the first move) and he turned her down
what does link deas say when he interrupts the testimony? Tom is a good man and the whole time he worked with him never did he give him nay trouble
What point does Mr.Gilmer make during his cross examination of tom? tom had a criminal record including violence and with his strength he could have easily down it.
Why does Dill start crying? Mr. Gilmer is being so rude to Tom and that isn’t fair

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