TKAM Crossword Puzzle

Mrs. Dubose Atticus says she is courageous
Miss Maudie often explains Atticus to Scout
Arthur Boo Radley’s real name
Mayella Ewell girl accusing Tom
Miss Caroline Scout’s first grade teacher
Dill dares Jem to touch the Radley house
Helen Tom Robinson’s wife
Atticus member of state legislature
Walter Cunningham invited to eat lunch by Jem
knothole part of tree where gifts are found
Reverend Sykes allows kids to sit in balcony
camellias flowers Jem destroys
morphodite Jem mistakenly calls the snowman this
Uncle Jack regrets spanking Scout
Calpurnia mother of Zeebo
Zeebo leads hyms by “linin”
Aunt Alexandra wants Scout to dress like a lady
Lula does not welcome the Finch children to Cal’s church
Judge Taylor the judge during the Tom Robinson trial
Simon Finch ancestor of the Finch’s who first came to Maycomb County/America
Heck Tate Maycomb County sherriff
Scout narrator; main character

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