TKAM Chapters 8-11

who died this winter? Mrs. Radley
Why does Scout think the world is ending? It snowed for the first time since 1885
On what does Mr. Avery blame this weather? bad children who smoke and disobey parents
why do the kids get in trouble for their snowman? making a snowman of Mr. Avery
how do they disguise the snowman? jem adds miss Maudies hat and hedgeclippers
What does scout worry about if the Finch house should catch fire? Dill’s Tom Swift book
Why were the firemen having such trouble putting out the fire? the fire truck stalled the hose burst no hydrant for another hose when the other firetruck got there
What happens to scout the night of the fire? she was wrapped in a blanket
Who wittnesses scout in the blanket? Jem at first denies seeing Scout but then admits he saw Boo put the blanket around Scout
how does Miss Maudie react to the fire? She is not really upset she is looking forward to having a smaller house and bigger garden
Why does Scout get into a fight with Cecil Jacobs? He accused Atticus of defending black people
Why does Atticus feel her needs to defend Tom Robinson? He couldn’t hold his head up in town
where does the finch family go after Christmas? Finch’s landing
What do the children get for Christmas? air rifles
What problem does Aunt Alexandria have with the way Scout is growing up? not being raised with a femal influence she thinks she is a tomboy
Why does scout get in a fight with francis? he called her a “****** lover” and she was spanked by Unce Jack
How does scout feel about her father? she is bored by him and thinks he is a feeble old man
according to Mrs. Maudie, why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird? they only make music for us to enjoy they don’t destroy the crops
what does Miss maudie teach scout about her father? best checker player plays the harp
who is tim johnson? Mr. Harry Johnson’s old dog he has rabies
why does mr. tate give the rifle to atticus? best shooter in town mr. tate doesn’t think he is a good enough shot
why does jem and scout now have a new appreciation for atticus? they know atticus is the best shooter in town he is a gentleman and hero
Describe Mrs. Dubose old, lives alone, mean and rude morphine addict
why does jem destroy Mrs. Dubose garden? she talked bad about atticus
what is jems punishment for ruining the garden? he had to read to Mrs. Dubose for two hours every day for a month
why is Mrs. Dubose so sick? morphine addict
what does atticus tell jem was the one thing Mrs. Dubose wanted to do before she died? she wanted to break her habit
what does Mrs. Dubose give Jem? a candy box
what is the reason atticus wanted jem to meet mrs. dubose? to see what courage is

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