TKAM Chapter Titles

Chapter 1 Background of Maycomb and the characters
Chapter 2 Scout vs. Miss Caroline (first day of school)
Chapter 3 Walter for lunch and meet Burris Ewell
Chapter 4 Gifts in tree and rolling up on Radley porch
Chapter 5 Meeting Miss Maudie and Atticus wants them to leave Boo alone
Chapter 6 The shot gun porch scene
Chapter 7 Jem’s fixed pants and more gifts/ cement in tree
Chapter 8 first snow big fire
Chapter 9 Finch Family Christmas
Chapter 10 Mockingbird chapter, and Atticus as a hero
Chapter 11 True courage and Mrs. Dubose
Chapter 12 Jem grows apart from Scout/ Church with Calpurnia
Chapter 13 Aunt Alexandra comes to stay
Chapter 14 a fight with Jem and Dill’s surprise
Chapter 15 The mob scene at the jailhouse
Chapter 16 Dolphus Raymond and beginning of the trial
Chapter 17 Heck Tate and Bob Ewell on the stand
Chapter 18 Mayella on the stand
Chapter 19 Tom on the stand
Chapter 20 The life of Dolphus Raymond
Chapter 21 the verdict
Chapter 22 a baby step in the right direction
Chapter 23 Atticus vs. Alexandra on the Cunninghams
Chapter 24 the missionary circle and Tom is shot
Chapter 25 Reaction to Tom’s death
Chapter 26 Reflection on Boo and Miss Gates is a hypocrite
Chapter 27 The pageant and Bob’s trouble in town
Chapter 28 The attack on the kids and the rescue
Chapter 29 Meet Arthur Radley
Chapter 30 What really happened under the tree w/ Heck and Atticus
Chapter 31 Last discussion of the mockingbird symbols

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