TKaM Chapter Quotes 28-31

“It is a scary place though, ain’t it? … Boo doesn’t mean anybody any harm, but I’m right glad you’re along.” Scout Finch
“Think we’re almost to the tree now. Few yards from that an’ we’ll be to the road. We can see the street light then.” Jem Finch
“Now I may be wrong, of course, but I think he’s very alive. Shows all the symptoms of it.” Dr. Reynolds
“Bob Ewell’s lyin’ on the ground under that tree down yonder with a kitchen knife up under his ribs. He’s dead, Mr. Finch” Heck Tate
“I always play a radio too loud.” Atticus Finch
“Mr. Finch there’s just some kind of men you have to shoot before you can say hidy to ’em. Even then they ain’t worth the bullet it takes to shoot ’em. Ewell ‘as one of ’em.” Heck Tate
“Mr. Finch, do you think Jem killed Bob Ewell? Do you think that?” Heck Tate
“Let the dead bury the dead.” Heck Tate
“To my way of thinkin’, Mr. Finch, taking he one man who’s done you and this town a great service an’ draggin him with his shy ways into the limelight—to me, that’s a sin.” Heck Tate
“Well, it’d be sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?” Scout Finch
“Will you take me home?” Arthur Radley
“Jem wasn’t scared. Asked him and he said he wasn’t. Besides, nothin’s real scary except in books.” Scout Finch
“Most people are, Scout, when you finally see them.” (Saying most people are nice) Atticus Finch

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