TKAM Chapter Names Study Guide

Chapter 1 The Beginning of the Finch’s
Chapter 2 The Adventures of Education
Chapter 3 Bugs and Brunch (Mid day dinner)
Chapter 4 The Start of the Boo Radley Endeavors
Chapter 5 Boo Radley not so bad after all (Miss Maudie)
Chapter 6 The Raldey Property Invasion
Chapter 7 The Trinkets of the Tree
Chapter 8 Winter turns to Fire
Chapter 9 Finch’s Landing and the beginning of the end (Tom Robinson)
Chapter 10 The not so boring “one-shot Finch”
Chapter 11 Daunting Dubose
Chapter 12 Calpurnia’s Cathedral (church)
Chapter 13 Appearing Alexandra
Chapter 14 The Case Starts up and Dill returns
Chapter 15 Scouts arises Sanity in Mob
Chapter 16 The Case Commences
Chapter 17 The Creepy Case Continues
Chapter 18 Mayella Marches to the Stand
Chapter 19 Robinson Reveals His Recollection
Chapter 20 Dolphus Raymond and Atticus’s explanation
Chapter 21 Caught and Convicted (Scout gets caught and Robinson gets convicted)
Chapter 22 Black Population Delivers Goods (Ewell lashes out)
Chapter 23 Court Discussions and Cunningham Conversation
Chapter 24 Tea Party and Robinson Escape Attempt
Chapter 25 Jem maturing and Ewell is on the prowl
Chapter 26 Hitler Discussion with Miss Gates
Chapter 27 Ewell hunts down Enemies ( Scout plans for play)
Chapter 28 Ewell Attacks and Faces Consequences
Chapter 29 The Return of Boo Radley
Chapter 30 “It would be sorta like killing a mockingbird”
Chapter 31 The Perspective of Boo Radley

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