Tkam chapter 5

describe Miss Maudie Atkinson. how typical is she of maycomb’s women? explain. what do the children think of her? Miss Maudie is not the typical woman at this time. She loves football and wears overalls but does not have a husband. The children really like her because she allows them to play on her property. Scout enjoys her company when Jem and Dill are together, scout and Maudie sit together. pg 55-56
What does Miss Maudie tell Scout and Boo. How does this compare with what scout already believes? Miss Maudie tells them that Boo radley was a very nce and polite young man. She assured them that he is still alive. Miss maudie also says that his name is Arthur and his family never leave the house because they believe pleasure is a sin. pg 59-61
Scout claims that “dill could tell the biggest ones (lies)” She ever heard. why might Dill have told such lies. Dill is dropped off at his aunt’s house. He constantly craves attention from Jem and Scout because he does not receive it at home. pg 63
What reasons does Atticus give for the children not to playthe Boo Radley game. Do you think he is right? why? He says it is disrespectful. what the radleys do on their free time is none of their business. He does not like his kids making fun of the Radley family and tries to get them to see it from the Radley perspective. people will think they are making fun of him. pg 65

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