TKAM Chapter 25

How did Tom Robinson die? He got shot trying to escape
What happened when Atticus told Hellen Robinson that Tom died? she fell to the ground
What bug was Scout trying to kill? Roly -Poly
How does the idea of killing a mockingbird symbolize Tom’? Mockingbirds do not bother anyone they just sing which relates to Tom trying to help Mayella out and doing nothing wrong
How does Tom’s death affect Maycomb? They are interested in it for two days and then forget all about it.
What emotionally happens to Jem? He becomes more mature
What were Jem and Dill coming home from doing when they saw Atticus driving? swimming
Why was Tom’s death described as “typical”? It is typical for a black man to try and escape without planning it out
.Jem says he would never speak to Scout again if she told Atticus ____________________ what Mr. Ewell said ( “one down two to go”)
What does Atticus make the two boys do to go along with him to the Robinson place? stay in the car
What does Mr. Underwood do to tell the town what has happened? writes an editorial
Before going back to Meridian, what did Jem teach Dill? to swim
What was the name of the newspaper that ran the editorial about the death of Tom Robinson. Maycomb Tribune
Who is Hellen Robinson? tom’s wife
Who stops Scout from killing the bug?why? -Jem-It did nothing to bother her

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