TKAM Chapter 23-25

What do you think of Atticus’s reaction to Bob Ewell’s challenge? Bob Ewell threatens Atticus in Chapter 23. He says he is going to get even with Atticus. Atticus in not worried. Atticus thinks that Mr. Ewell is “all talk” and won’t really attack him or harm his family.
What is “circumstantial evidence”? What has it got to do with Tom’s conviction? “Circumstantial evidence” is evidence in a trial that you can’t see or touch, and is frequently based on what a witness says or sees. In Tom’s case, the circumstantial evidence is just his location and race (color). The circumstatntial evidence is that he was at the Ewell’s house and that he is black. Atticus tries to overcome the circumstantial evidence by explaining that the bruises could not have been made by him, as he has no use of that one arm.
What does Atticus tell Scout about why the jury took so long to convict Tom? Atticus tells Scout that a Cunningham was on the jury and didn’t want to convict Tom. This Cunningham thought that Tom was innocent. The jury actually had to think about the conviction before they did it.
Why does Aunt Alexandra accept that the Cunninghams may be good but are not “our kind of folks”? Do you think that people should mix only with others of the same social class? Are class-divisions good or bad for societies? Scout wants to invite Walter over for lunch because a family member of his wanted to save Tom. Aunt Alexandra tells Scout that they are not people that the Finch family should associate with because they are lower class (poor). Atticus does not mind the kids being friends with people from a poorer household; however, Aunt Alexandra does. I believe people should be friends and kind to everyone no matter how much money they have (or don’t have).
At the end of this chapter, Jem forms a new theory about why Boo Radley has never left his house in years. What is this? How likely is it to be true, in your opinion? Jem’s new theory for why Boo hasn’t left his house in so long is because he doesn’t want to deal with the people of Maycomb and how mean and judging they are. I think this very likely could be true because when Boo does finally come out he seems like a very nice young man but also ver very shy. Boo does not liek to talk to the others and wants to go back home quickly.
Do you think the missionary ladies (ladies from church) are sincere in worrying about the “Mrunas” (a tribe in Africa)? Give reasons for your answer. The ladies from the church are not sincere, as they “discuss” the Mrunas. They act like they are worried about them; however, they then quickly move on to talk about town gossip and their snacks.
Compare the reactions of Miss Maudie and the other ladies when Scout says she is wearing her “britches” (pants) under her dress. Miss Maudie takes Scout seriously and does not laugh at Scout. This is because Scout did not say this to be funny. The other ladies from church choose to make fun of Scout and laugh at her.
What is your opinion of the Maycomb ladies, as depicted in this chapter? The ladies of Maycomb simply gossip and do not truly care about anyone other than themselves. They like talking about others behind their backs, making fun of people, and acting like they are good Christian women.
Explain briefly how Tom was killed. What is Atticus’s explanation for Tom’s attempted escape. Do you think agree with Atticus? Tom is shot while at the jail in an escape attempt. He tried to climb over the fense; but with only one arm, he was not fast enough. Atticus believes that Tom knew he was going to be shot and killed. Atticus believes that Tom was tired of the white man dictating his future. Tom wanted to control his own life… even if it meant suicide.
How, in this chapter, do we see Aunt Alexandra in a new light? How does Miss Maudie support her? Aunt Alexandra shows concern (worry) for Atticus and Tom. Up until now, she did not show anything for Atticus except criticism. She always spoke about how Atticus defending a black man might hurt the family; however, she did not really care about Atticus. This time, Aunt Alexandra stopped and showed that she was worried abotu Atticus and Tom’s family.Miss Maudie supports Aunt Alexandra and gives her a pep talk and gets her to go back to the meeting with the church women.
How does Maycomb react to the news of Tom’s death? The people of the town talk about Tom’s death for a couple days. They talk about it like it is gossip. They do not seem sad or upset by Tom’s death. After a few days, they stop talking about it, and forget Tom and the court case all together.
Explain the contrast Scout draws between the court where Tom was tried and “the secret courts of men’s hearts”. In what way are hearts like courts? It was clear to everyone in the court room that Tom was innocent, and no one liked the Ewells, but because Tom was black, and the Ewells were white, he was found guilty. In the “Secret courts” of their hearts, he was guilty because he was black.
Why did Jem not want Scout to tell Atticus about Bob Ewell’s comment? Was this a wise thing to ask her to do? Jem did not want Atticus to worry about Mr. Ewell’s comment/threat. Jem asks Scout to keep the threat a secret. I do not believe that keeping it a secret was a good idea. Perhaps if Atticus would have known about the threat, he could have kept the kids safe.

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