TKAM Chapter 19 Questions

What is the first image of the chapter? Tom trying to swear on the bible but his arm can’t stay on the bible
Why is the image at the start of the chapter significant? Reinforces how impossible it was for Tom to give Mayella the injuries she received
What is the first thing Atticus says to Tom on the direct examination? Why would Atticus bring this up first? Makes the point that he has been jail for fighting before? He brings it up first to show that he has nothing to hide
What is Toms relation to Mayella? passes her house everyday 2 times to get there and from work
When was the first time Mayella asked Tom to do work? year before in the spring
Why does Tom deny Mayellas money every time? he realizes she needs it more than he does
Where are the kids usually? they are always around
What is significant about Scout saying that Mayella is lonelier than Boo Radley? She doesn’t fit in. Blacks don want her b/c shes white and the whites don’t want her because shes a Ewell
What does Tom notice about the night of 11/21. What does Mayella want him to do? What does she motion for him to do? Tom notices there are no kids around and she wants him to fix the door. She motions him to go inside the house
Why is this whole thing sketchy about Tom going in the house? Mayella says that she’s been saving the money for a whole year. this means that she’s been planning this day for a whole year
What does Tom notice about the door? It is perfectly fine
What does Mayella do when Tom is on the chair getting her something? How does Tom react? Mayella hugs him and Tom falls off the chair
What is the BIG thing that Mayella says? She says what her papa do to her don’t count. This means that she is possibly the mom of some of the kids
What does Mr. Ewell yell through the window? Who is this said to? “you gddamn whor, I’ll kill ya”. Said to Mayella
Does does Me. Ewell realize then That Mayella attacked tom and tom didn’t attack Mayella
Why did Tom run? He was scared and didn’t wan tot be put up to court for something that he didn’t do
What does Link Deas do and why is it so significant? – stand sup in the court- Defends tom- Says that Tom has never done anything horrible- A white person is standing up in public for Tom R. – progress to Maycombs disease decreasing b/c of Atticus
What is the first thing Gilmer brings up in the cross examination about Tom? Mr. Gilmer brings up Tom’s jail time again. Can beat up a man, so it would be easy to beat up Mayella
Why did Tom help Mayella. Why is this such a big mistake? Tom says he felt sorry for her –> BIGGEST MISTAKE. To feel sorry for someone, you have to be on a higher status than them,
Tom cant say a white person is lying (Mayella) so what does he say instead? He keeps saying she is mistaken in her mind
What does Mr. Gilmer calling “Boy” do? It reminds jury that Tom is “lesser” than they are
What does Gilmer say Tom is being? disrespectful b/c he disagrees w/ Gilmer
Why did Scout have to leave the trial early and where did he go? Dill started crying and they went under a tree?
Why was Dill crying? He cant stand how Tom is being treated by Mr. Gilmer
Who approaches Dill and Scout after they leave the trial. What does he say? drunk Dolphus Raymond and he says he knows what Dill means

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