TKAM: Chapter 18 Reading Quiz

Describe the Ewell’s home life. Their dad was never there. The kids don’t go to school and they are not taken care of.
What point was Atticus trying to make in having Tom stand up? Tom’s physical condition was poor and that he would not be able to keep Mayella down by choking her. His left arm was seriously damaged caught in a cotton gin to the point of no use proves that he couldn’t have blackened Mayella’s eye. His left arm was shorter that his right arm.
How does Atticus feel about making Mayella cry? Why? He is calm about it; he doesn’t feel bad for her. He thinks it is an act! She is trying to gain sympathy from the jury and wants them to feel sorry for her.
How do you think Mr. Gilmer feels about representing Mayella? He doesn’t know enough about them to represent them. He is not confident about his case and questioning.
Is Mayella like her father or different from him? In what ways? Mayella is different from her father in that she attempts to rise aboce her situation by remaining clean and trying to bring beauty to her home with the flowers, red geraniums. She is similar to him in that she lies on the stand and attempts to manipulate the jury!
How does Mayella react to Atticus’s politeness? She is not used to people being polite to her. She is not used to people treating her with respect.
What is Atticus’ strategy in questioning Mayella? He attempts to point out her pathetic, lonely home life.
What question is the key to Tom’s defense? “Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father?”
Why was it easy to tell that Mr Ewell rarely bathed during the year? He had a scalded look, as if overnight soaking had deprived him of protective layers of dirt.
What was Mayella Ewell afraid of when she had such a hard time answering Mr. Gilmer’s question? She was afraid of Atticus treating her like he did her father. Atticus made her father out to be left-handed.
How old is Mayella? 19 1/2 years old
What was Atticus saying that made Mayella think he was making fun of her? He was callig her ma’am and Miss Mayella.
How many siblings did Mayella have? “Seb’m”; or 7 siblings
With the pattern of Atticus’ questions to Mayella, what did Scout realize he was building up for the jury? a mental picture of the Ewell’s homelife
What did the Ewell’s make shoes out of? strips of old tires
What do we discover about Tom when Atticus has him stand up for Mayella? His left arm is 12 inches shorter that his right arm and hung dead at his side, with a small shriveled hand that hung at his side.
After Mayella left the stand, what did Scout see her do that she had never seen before? She never saw anybody glare at anyone with the hatred Mayella showed when she left the stand.
During the break, what did Scout say would take the rest of the afternoon? for Mr. Tate to finish his cigar

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