TKAM Chapter 14 Questions

What happens at the beginning of the chapter? people are staring at Jem and Scout but try not to get caught.
how does Atticus describe rape to Scout? – “carnal knowledge of a female by force + w/ out consent- uses the legal definition – he is being truthful w/out scaring her- IT takes away the hype- makes it common place
What happens when Scout asks to go to Cals house? What lesson is taught? Aunt Alexandra says no + Scout is rude to her. Atticus is teaching Scout to respect adults
What does Aunt Alexandra want to do with Calpurnia She wants to let her go.
What is the one thing that Atticus finally does involving Aunt Alexandra He stands up to her and puts his foot down about letting Calpurnia go
Why is scout glad that Jem is beating her up? – He is now on her level- And he has to go to bed at her earlier bedtime
What does Scout think she steps on in her room? A snake.
What is the “snake” What part was stepped on Dill and his arm or leg got stepped on
What is Dills story. What is the real story – chained to wall of basement by new dad- local farmer feeds him peas through ventilator- he escapes + joines the curcus as a camel washer- travels w/ the curcus + realizes hes in Maycomb and walks to Finches__________________________________________________________________________________The real story is that he stole money form his moms purse and took the bus
what is the code of childhood. Why does Jem break it?What does this show about Jem? you’re not supposed to tell on another kid. He breaks it because he knows his parents are worried sick. IT shows his maturity
Why does Dill sleep with Scout? He feels more comfortable with her because she didn’t tell on him
Why did Dill run away? – his parents are ignoring him- his dad is being mean to him (to be more manly) + forcing him
Why does Dill want a baby wit Scout? – He wants to ave a real family- This is the only way he can get a real family
What is Dills only way of having a real family By having a baby
What does Dill know about babies? He knows were they really come from?
Why does Dill lie all the time? He likes to have his imagine world.
Why doesn’t Boo run off? he has no place to run off to?
What changes about Dill by the end of the chapter? He sees Boo as a regular person because they are both kind of similar

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