TKAM Chapter 12 Questions

What is going on with Jem? Hes hitting puberty
why is Calpurnia calling Jem “mister Jem”? Black females usually call white males by mister
How did Dill get a father? His mother remarried
what do Dills father and dill plan to do? They plan to go fishing and make a boat together
what has Dill always wanted A father because that forms a true family
What other job does Atticus have? And where did he go? hes a state legislator (state house + senate). He went to the state capical
what does the cartoon mean? Atticus at student desk, chained, not distracted by pretty ladies. He’s a hard worker, well respected
why cant Jem and Scout go to “their own” church She hadn’t checked to see if their teacher was there. One time when the teacher wasn’t there the kids tied up a girl in the furnace (like Shadrach from the bible)
why does Cal care s much about how Jem and Scout look? they are a reflection of her so she wants them to look good
what is one difference from the black church to the white church? What are the 2 reasons they don’t have them? Whats the second difference? hymn books. Most people cant read and they cant afford it. Second difference is people shout out instead of being quite
Calpurnias Church…. – no hymn books- People shout out- no piano or organ- rent it out- reverent Sykes points out to specific people who are doing the wrong things
Who is Lula? black women at Cal’s church, doesn’t want whites at the church
what is “guilt by association”? Assumed guilty by being associated with a group or person. Ex.1. Lula presuming the finch children are racist2. Helen can’t get a job b/c of what her husband is accused of rape
what do Jem and Scout notice about the way Calpurnia talked a the church? Calpurnia speaks very educated but when she was in the black community she spoke like all the others
Calpurnia’s double life? She talks like the blacks in her community and talks like that because she doesn’t want to look better than her friends
what does Scout know about Calpurnia that he didn’t know before? She never knew how old Calpurnia was, and that she had grandkids
who is Cals son? Zebo
What does Scout want to do involving Calpurnia? What is this a sign of? She wants to visit her house. This is a sign of her growing up and she is realizing that Cal is a real person

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