tkam ch 16

What two images come to mind as Scout is falling asleep? What are they and why do they cause her to cry? Scout remembers Atticus “calmly folding his newspaper and pushing back his hat” when the mob of men approached the jailhouse the night before. The second image refers to the scene in Chapter Ten just before Atticus killed the rabid dog.Scout cries because she suddenly realizes the extent of the danger that Atticus had been in as he faced the angry mob.
What surprising fact does Atticus reveal about Mr. Underwood at the breakfast table?What previously mentioned theme is emphasized by this information? Atticus says that Mr. Underwood “despises Negroes, won’t have one near him.However, his behavior emphasizes the theme that good and evil coexist in all people. Mr. Underwood may be a racist man, but he has at least one good quality: he is loyal to his friends.
What does Atticus say about mobs and men over the breakfast table? What does he mean by the statement, “[M]aybe we need a police force of children…”? He says that mobs are made up of men and that men have “blind spots” about some things, meaning that they apparently are sometimes unable to see the wrongness of their actions.Children are innocent and unknowing.
What is the mood in the courthouse square on the first day of the trial? What, if anything, do you find disturbing about it? The mood is almost festive, as if the occasion were a party or a holiday. The mood is incongruous and inappropriate to the occasion. While people eat, drink, and gossip, they appear to have lost sight of the real reason that has brought them to the square: a woman has been raped, and a man’s life hangs in the balance.
What is significant about Mr. Dolphus Raymond? He is white but prefers the company of black people. According to Jem, he has a black mistress and several children by her.
According to Jem, what are “mixed” children, and why are they sad? Mixed children are half black and half white. Jem says they are sad because they do not belong anywhere.
Compare and contrast the behavior of the white spectators to that of the black spectators. Outside the courthouse, the white people convey a more festive atmosphere, while the black people sit quietly in a far corner of the square.
How are blacks and whites segregated inside the courthouse? Where do Scout, Jem, and Dill end up sitting? When everyone begins moving into the courthouse, the black people wait patiently behind the white people, letting them in first. Inside the courthouse, the whites and blacks are separated. Scout, Jem, and Dill end up sitting in the balcony.
How does Scout describe the Maycomb County courthouse? According to her, what do the Greek revival columns and the old clock tower suggest about the people of Maycomb? The courthouse is a mixture of several different architectural elements. The original courthouse burned down in 1856 but the pillars from one part of it survived the fire and were incorporated into the new courthouse. This suggests to Scout that the people of Maycomb are unwilling to let go of the past, a major concept in the novel.
Describe the members of the Idlers’ Club. What information does Scout get from them? What is it that confuses her? The Idlers’ Club is made up of a group of old men who have nothing better to do than hang around the courthouse critiquing the proceedings of the court. They said Atticus had been acquitted into defending Tom Robinson. They said he doesn’t have to put his whole heart into it.

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