TKAM Annotations

Page 56 – Characters: Ms., Maudie (widow) who hated her house
Page 58 – Customs: Scout’s uncle yells across the street every christmas for Mrs. Maudie to a marry him
Page 61 – Irony: Boo Radley is feared by some people, but in his childhood, he was a kind boy.
Page 64 – Metaphor: Boo Radley as a thing with “bloody fangs”.
Page 65 – Question: Does Atticus know more about Boo Radley?
Page 67 – Symbolism: The fish pool – After summer when Dill leaves
Page 69 – Custom: No one goes in Radley’s Yards (back yard was worse)
Page 71 – Personification: Mr. Radley’s shotgun roaring
Page 71 – Exiting Thought (H): the trip to the Radley’s back porch because they were breaking the rules, and them doing it at night made it more intense.
Page 72 – Belief : “An African American should not be in a white mans yard without permission.”
Page 78 – Simile: “Jem waved my words away as if swatting flies” (Lee,78).
Page 78 – Symbolism: The name Cunningham could mean scavenging
Page 79 – Foreshadowing : Scout says “The second grade was grim” because she gives so little detail of it being bad, IT could mean something else could happen in the future.
Page 81- Custom: Jem got to carry the pocket watch because he was good
Page 84 – Question: Why was Jem crying?
Page 86 – Foreshadowing: Jem thought that Atticus may know that they weren’t playing poker the night of Radley’s incident.
Page 86 – Symbolism: The snow symbolized the end of the world for Scout.
Page 87 – Funny thought (H): I found it funny that Scout thought that the world was ending because she had never seen snow.
Page 87 – Belief: They believed the snow was odd in Alabama.
Page 89 – Personification: Snowman as “Mr. Avery” because of it human like characteristics.
Page 99 – customs – Atticus had to talk to scout about her anger – she kept on trying to fight
Page 100 – metaphor – “I couldn’t hold up my head in town”
Page 102 – foreshadowing – ” Jim and I viewed Christmas with mixed feelings” this could be to future fights
Page 105 – symbolism – The tree could represent the destination to lick their packages (or happiness) will be arriving
Page N/A – Question – why do Scout and her brother have “mixed feelings” about Christmas!
Page 119 – beliefs – it is a sin to kill a mockingbird
Page 123 – metaphor – “he’s sick”
Page 124 – exiting throught (H) – The dog chasing them was very intense and got my heart pumping
Page 127 – irony – it’s ironic that the cop didn’t shoot the dog
Page 127 – foreshadowing – “Mr. Tate almost through the rifle at Atticus” it seems like Mr. Tate’s got something against Atticus and he might go after him or hurt him in the future
Page 132- customs- scout didn’t always pick on Boo Radley
Page 134 – metaphor – “The money was burning up in his pockets”
Page 143 – Question – I’m sure that both scout and her brother were terrified
Page N/A – customs – not everyone in town is racist, but Mrs. Dubose certainly is!
Page N/A – Question – I wonder if Mr. Dubose had a bad childhood to act so rude towards scout and other people

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