Things Fall Apart: Study Guide Questions and Answers Chapters 11-13

What did Chielo want with Ezinma? Chielo wanted to take Ezinma to see Agbala.
What did Ekwefi do? She followed Chielo and Ezinma to the cave of Agbala.
What did Okonkwo do when Chielo took Ezinma? He followed her too with his machete.
What was the purpose of the uri ceremony? The family of the suitor was bringing palm-wine to Obierika and his extensive group of kinsmen.
What was the significance in the amount of wine the family brought? They were thought to be behaving like men if they brought a generous amount
What happened at the end of the ceremony? The bride-to-be went to live with her suitor’s family for seven market weeks.
Describe Ezeudu’s funeral. He was the clan elder so there was a big ceremony with lots of shouting, drumbeating, and gun shots.
How did the author describe a man’s life? A man’s life was a series of transition rites which brought him closer to and his ancestors.
What happened during the frenzy? Okonkwo accidentally shot a boy.
What was the result of Okonkwo action? He and his family were forced to leave the clan for seven years. The men from Exeudu’s quarter demolished Okonkwo’s houses and barn, and killed his animals.
What was the reason for the clan’s actions against Okonkwo? They were cleansing the land which Okonkwo had polluted although it was not revenge.
What did Obierika think about after this calamity, and what was his conclusion? He wondered why a man should suffer because of an inadvertent mistake. He also wondered why he had to throw away his wife’s twins when they were born. He concluded that the clan had to punish offenses so that the Earth would not lose her wrath on all the land, instead of just on the offender.

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