Things Fall Apart review

Okonkwo Roaring flame, protagonist
Unoka Okonkwo’s father, lazy, irresponsible, debtor, improvident, enjoyed playing the flute
Ikemefuna adopted son from Mbaino, stayed with Okonkwo for three years, Nwoye idolized him
Nwoye aka Isaac, Okonkwo’s son via his first wife, 1st born, converted to Christianity
Nwakibi wealthiest man, gave Okonkwo seeds because he had a good work ethic
Ezeani priest of the earth goddess, punished Okonkwo when he broke the peace
Nkechi daughter of Okonkwo’s third wife, brought him the third dish during the new year celebration
Ojuigo Okonkwo’s youngest wife whom Okonwko beat during the week of peace
Ogbuefi Ezeudu oldest man in the village, overseer of trials and communes with spirits
Ekwefi Okonkwo’s second wife whom he nearly shot–she married him after running away from her husband, mother of Ezinma
Ezinma Crystal of beauty, daughter of Ekwefi, brazen, loud, proud, defiant, determined, Okonkwo’s favorite
Chielo friend of Ekwefi, priestess of Agbala, Oracle of the hills and the caves, considered Ezinma a daughter
Obierika Okonkwo’s friend with whom he discusses his children and life
Uzowulu Mgbao’s husband, tried in court about his wife’s departure (he beat her)
Uchendu Okokwo’s uncle on his mother’s side in Mbanto, who received him when he was outcast
Mr. Kiaga the interpreter for the missionaries in charge of the new congregation–allowed riffraff and outcasts, very faithful, very devoted
Harmattan a dry, parching land breeze charged with dust
Improvident unable to provide
Cowries the shell of a gastropod used as currency
Egwugwu the clan’s ancestral spirits
Emissary a representative sent on a mission or errand
Incipient beginning to exist
Benevolent characterized by/expressing goodwill or kindness
Valediction act of bidding farewell
Calabashes a gourd used as a bowl
Pottage thick soup made of vegetables
Harbinger a herald, one who announces another
Pestle tool for pounding
Coiffure style of arranging hair
Specious pleasing to the eye but deceptive, without merit
Pandemonium tumult, chaos
Esoteric between two, intimate
Voluble glib, talkative
Callous immature or inexperienced
Miscreant depraved, villainous, base
Amulet protective wear
Palaver conference, discussion
Chukwa chief Igbo god
Ani earth goddess
Agbala oracle of the hills and caves
Ikeiioku god of yams
Amadiora goddess of lightning
Umuofia cluster of villages where Okonkwo and his family lived
Mbaino the farthest village of the nine villages
Evil Forest across the stream from Umuofia, anything not condoned by their religion is sent there, i.e. twins, suicide victims
Abame village destroyed by the missionaries because of revolt
Mbanta Okonkwo’s motherland

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