Things Fall Apart (Part 1 Quiz)

Where was Chinua Achebe born? Nigeria
village where novel is set Umuofia
Unoka (Okonkwo’s father) was known as a Failure
Which sport did the people of Umuofia enjoy watching? Wrestling
How many wives does Okonkwo have? Three
What is the name of Okonkwo’s second wife? Ekwefi
What happens if a woman gives birth to twins in Umuofia? Thrown in the Evil Forest
What causes Okonkwo to feel guilty and remorseful? He helped kill Ikemefuna.
Which crop is a sign of wealth? Yam
An evil spirit that causes a child to die and be reborn again. Ogbanje
Who is cursed with an Ogbanje? Ekwefi
Who/What does the clan rely on when making important decisions? The Oracle (Agbala)
Who takes Enzinma in the middle of the night? Chielo, the Priestess of the Oracle
Who makes the decisions at the hearings for the clan? Egwugwu
tribe of Okonkwo Igbo
What is Okonkwo’s tragic flaw? His fear of looking weak.
Okonkwo’s oldest son with who he is not pleased Nwoye
Okonkwo’s 10 year old daughter whom he wishes were a boy Enzinma
Okonkwo’s motherland Mbanta
Ikemefuna’s tribe Mbaino
How the people speak to one another in proverbs
A boy given to Okonkwo by a neighboring village Ikefuma
The oldest man in the village and one of the most important clan elders and leaders. Ogbuefi Ezeudu
A wealthy clansmen who takes a chance on Okonkwo by lending him 800 seed yams Nwakibie
Okonkwo’s third and youngest wife, and the mother of Nkechi. Okonkwo beats her during the Week of Peace. Ojiugo
The priestess of the oracle Chileo
Famous wrestler who Okonkwo defeated at the age of 18 Amalinze The Cat
Occasion for giving thanks to the earth goddess and ancestral spirits before the harvest season begins Feast of the New Yam
Okonkwo’s close friend Obierka
She carries Ezinma on her back for an entire night in order to cleanse her of any evil spirits. Chielo

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