things fall apart novel test review

who is the earth goddess ani
what feast is held yearly at the beginning of the new harvest feast of the yam
what is the name of okonkwo’s second wife ekwefi
who is the daughter of okonkwo’s second wife ezinma
who did okonkwo “throw” amalinze the cat
who is okonkwo’s father unoka
who is okonkwo’s son nwoye
who is okonkwo’s “hostage” son ikemefuna
what village does okonkwo live in umuofia
where did the lady’s murder take place mbaino
the “oracle” was called what agbala
who is the rich man who helps okonkwo nwakibie
what is offered as a hospitable gesture kola nut
how much of okonkwo’s harvest does he have to give up 2/3
how much of okonkwo’s harvest does he get to keep 1/3
the week of ______ was broken when okonkwo beat his wife peace
what is the king of crops yams
who is the author of this novel achebe
where do people go to die if they are not buried the evil forest
the name for “elder” is ndichie
in the country now called _________ nigeria
in the nine villages of _______ umuofia
on the continent of _________ africa
who fears being a failure like his father okonkwo
who followed chielo when she took her daughter ekwefi
who’s lazy and a debtor unoka
who prefer’s their mothers stories over his father’s nwoye
clan members often use these when they speak proverbs
considered evil, they are “thrown away” twins
unoke went here to die evil forest
this is often consulted for guidance the oracle
“the king of crops” is yams
a child who repeatedly dies and is reborn obanje
before marriage, this must be negotiated bride-price
okonkwo’s life is dominated by fear of being a failure like his father
nwoye is a “sad-faced” youth because his father nags and beats him
okonkwo gains his wealth by growing yams
ikemefuna calls okonkwo his father
okonkwo doesn’t eat or sleep for 2 days because he is upset about the death of ikemefuna
obierika thinks that okonkwo should not of participated in ikemefuna’s fate
okonkwo helps obierika negotiate for his daughter’s bride price
ezinma’s mother fears that her daughter will die young
the masked egwugwu represents the spirit’s of the clans ancestors
okonkwo shows his love for ezinma by standing guard outside agbala’s cave
ezeudu’s son dies when okonkwo’s gun explodes
okonkwo must be leave the clan for _______ years 7
in umuofia, wealth is measured in yams
okonkwo’s village belongs to the clan of umuofia
chi refers to and individual’s personal god
ikemefuna’s village sends the boy to umuofia to avoid war
the feast of the new yam honors the earth goddess
enraged by an insulting remark, okonkwo fires a gun at his 2nd wife
ikemefuna is killed because the oracle orders his death
okonkwo is warned to have nothing to do with ikemefuna’s death because the boy calls him father
serious disputes among the people of umuofia are settled by a hearing before the egwugwu
when the priestess carries ezinma away, her mother ekwefi follows chielo through the forest
ezinma is safely returned after the priestess carries her home
T/Fokonkwo hates everything that his father loved true
T/Fokonkwo treats the captive ikemefuna with unusual gentleness true
T/Fyams are a woman’s crop false
T/Fthe people of umuofia consider fried locusts a delicacy true
T/Fezinma is okonkwo’s favorite child true
T/Fokonkwo deliberately killed ezeudu’s son false
T/Fin ibo culture, giving birth to twins is considered lucky false
T/Fokonkwo wants to be just like his father false
T/Fthe men of umuofia will not go to war unless their cause is just true
T/Fhis admiration for ikemefuna helps nwoye become more manly true
T/Fserious disputes among members of the clan are settled by the egwugwu true

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