Things Fall Apart Chapters 1-4

Chapter 1: Who is Amalinze the Cat?2 points: Two answers 1. An undefeated wrestler 2. Okonkwo throws him and wins the contest
Chapter 1: Describe Okonkwo physically.2 points: Two answers 1. He is huge2. He has an intense face.
Chapter 1: What type of person is Okonkwo impatient with?1 point: One answer Unsuccessful people
Chapter 1: Why does Okonkwo despise his father?1 point: One answer His father is lazy.
Chapter 1: Okonkwo’s father’s name is….?1 point: One answer Unoka
Chapter 1: How was Okonkwo’s father irresponsible?2 points: Two answers 1. He drank away his money2. He had a lot of debt
Chapter 1: How does Okonkwo’s father plan on paying back his friends?1 point: One answer Unoka plans on paying back the big debts first
Chapter 1: How was Okonkwo the opposite of his father?2 points: Two answers 1. He had 3 wives 2. He had 2 titles
Chapter 2: What is the name of Okonkwo’s tribe?1 point: One answer Umuofia
Chapter 2: Why is the gong sounded late at night?1 point: One answer A daughter of Umuofia’s tribe died
Chapter 2: Instead of going to war what does the tribe offer as a peaceful solution?1 point: One answer A ritual sacrafice
Chapter 2: What are the details to the solution?2 points: Two answers 1. A virgin girl is given to the man whose wife was killed2. A boy is given to the tribe
Chapter 2: Who does the boy live with and for how long?2 points: Two answers 1. Okonkwo2. 3 years
Chapter 2: What is the boy’s name?1 point: One answer Ikemefuna
Chapter 2: Why do Okonkwo’s wives “live in fear of him”?1 point: 1 answer He rules his family with an “iron fist”
Chapter 2: Why is Okonkwo agressive and hard working and not gentle or idle?1 point: One answer He wants to be the opposite of his father
Chapter 2: What does “agbala” mean? lower case1 point: One answer A man without a title
Chapter 2: What is Okonkwo’s son’s name?1 point: One answer Nwoye
Chapter 3: Unoka travels to the oracle to ask about what?1 point: One answer Why his harvests are so bad
Chapter 3: Who does the oracle tell Unoka to blame and why?2 points: Two answer 1. He has no one to blame but himself2. Because he is lazy and has no work ethic.
Chapter 3: Unoka dies of what?1 point: One answer His stomach swells
Chapter 3: When Unoka dies why is he buried differntly and where is he buried?2 points: Two answers 1. His disease is an abomination to the earth2. He isn’t buried- he is left to rot under a tree in the evil forest
Chapter 3: What is sharecropping?1 point: One answer When someone loans someone something and they get a share of the profit
Chapter 3: Who does Okonkwo visit to make a sharecropping deal?1 point: One answer Nwakibie
Chapter 3: How much of the crop does Okonkwo recieve after paying Nwakibie back?1 point: One answer 1/3 or One third
Chapter 3: Why is Nwabikie generous and how does he show his generosity?2 points: Two answers 1. He knows Okonkwo is a hardworker2. He gives Okonkwo twice the number of seeds than he asked for
Chapter 3: Okonkwo’s crops almost die twice- what has happened to them?2 points: Two answers 1. Drought2. Flooding
Chapter 4: How does Okonkwo show that he is unsympathetic?1 point: One answer He tells a titleless man that the meeting is for men
Chapter 4: How does Okonkwo deal with Ikemefuna’s fear and lack of hunger?1 point: One answer He threatens him and forces him to eat by standing nearby with a club
Chapter 4: How do we know that the clan respects Okonkwo?2 points: Two answers 1. They chose him to declare war2. They assign Ikemefuna to him
Chapter 4: How does Okonkwo view Ikemefuna?1 point: One answer Like a son
Chapter 4: What happened during the week of peace?1 point: One answer Okonkwo beat his 3rd wife
Chapter 4: Why is Okonkwo punished?1 point: One answer He broke the law of the week of peace
Chapter 4: Why does Okonkwo treat Nwoye and Ikemefuna so harshly?1 point: One answer He wants them to grow up to be tough men

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