Things Fall Apart Chapters 1-10 Questions

Why was Okonkwo famous? Because he defeated Amalinze the cat.
Describe Unoka Lazy, good flute player, always wants more.
Why had the men of Umuofia called a meeting? Because he heard a voice and all the town was angry.
What influence did the oracle have on decisions made in Umuofia? It was a powerful war and in magic, they feared the surrounding countries.
What was Okonkwo’s greatest fear? Failure.
What upset Okonkwo most about his son, Nwoye? He was lazy.
What did Okonkwo bring home from his trip to Mbaino? A lad fifteen and a young virgin.
How did Okonkwo begin his prosperous career? It was visible in the household and they built a hut.
Where does the story take place? Nigeria.
How did Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo’s family? He loved it and he called Okonkwo father.
What unheard thing did Okonkwo do during the Week of Peace? Okonkwo spent the nights preparing his seed-yams.
How did the people view yams? Their king crop.
What was the Feast of the New Yam? An occasion for giving thanks to Ani, the earth goddess and the source of fertility.
Who was Okonkwo’s favorite child? Ezinma.
What unacceptable thing did Okonkwo do just before the Feast of the New Yam? He beat Ekwefi.
Who was Chielo and why was she important? The oracle of the hills and she shows that spirits are in the hills.
What sport did the villagers enjoy watching during their feasting? Wrestling.
What influence did Ikemefuna have on Nwoye? He had a good influence and made him ambitious and made him a man.
How did Okonkwo feel about Ikemefuna’s influence on Nwoye? He was placed but didn’t show it dramatically.
What did the village decide to do with Ikemefuna? To kill him after three years.
Who struck the last bow to Ikemefuna? Okonkwo
What did Okonkwo do whenever he thought of his father’s weakness and failure? He thought of his strength and success.
What did Okonkwo tell himself about his part in Ikemefuna’s death? He said he was becoming a woman.
What did Obierika tell Okonkwo about his part in Ikemefuna’s death? He said it was the kind of action that would not please the earth.
What were Ekwefi’s difficulties in getting pregnant? She had borne ten children, but nine died in infancy.
What did the medicine man tell Okonkwo after the death of Ekwefi’s second child? He said there was an ogbanje, a child who died and reentered its mother’s womb to be born again.
How did Okonkwo cure Ezinma’s “iba” illness? He brewed a potion made of leaves and herbs.
What was the purpose of the ceremony described in Chapter 10? A woman’s birth family was having a dispute with her husband. He would only accept the symbolic meeting of the clan spirits.

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