Things Fall Apart Chapter 9

What was Okonkwo’s child story about a mosquito and the ear? Mosquito asked ear to marry him and ear laughed at the proposition. And mosquito was humiliated
Who woke up Okonkwo in the middle of the night and why? Ekwefi because Ezinma is dying
What is iba? Fever
What did Ezinma have which was the reason she was dying? Fever (iba)
What is the word for mother? Nne
How many of Ekwefi’s children died in infancy? Nine
What did Ekwefi name her child that meant “Death I implore you”? Onwumbiko
What did Ekwefi name her daughter that meant “May it not happen again”? Ozoemena
What was the name of Ekwefi child whose name meant “Death may please himself “? Onwuma
What is an ogbanje? A child who repeatedly dies and returns to its mothers womb to be reborn
Who did Okonkwo go to consult on Ekwefi’s miscarriages? Diviner of the Afa Oracle
What did he Diviner of the Afa Oracle recommend for Ekwefi? When she becomes pregnant again, to stay with her people to break cycle of birth and death
When Ekwefi stayed at her families house, what did she name her child? Onwumbiko
Who was the next person Okonkwo went to consult for Ekwefi’s death of children? Okagbue Uyanwa
On what day did Onwumbiko die? Oye (fourth market day)
What was the custom for having children born? Slaughter a goat
What did the medicine man dug up for Ezinma? Iyi-uwa
What is a iyi-uwa? A special kind of stone which forms a link between an ogbanje and the spirit world. If it was discovered and not broken then the child wouldn’t die.
According to Ezinma, where was her iyi-uwa? Buried in the place where they bury children
Where was the stone located exactly? Near the orange tree
What was the story of the snake lizard who killed his mother? They were seven baskets given to cooks and ended up three and he killed his mother and himself.
What age did Elwefi’s child Onwumbiko die? 15th months
What age did Ekwefi’s child Ozoemena die? 11th month

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