Things Fall Apart – Chapter 4

He was proud. Why did Okonkwo started to lose respect in Umuofia?
Okonkonwo is now strong and powerful, but he once was a child. What is the meaning of this proverb? “Looing at a king’s mouth, one would think he never sucked at his mother’s breast.”
Okonkwo Who said, “This meeting is for men”?
The man is a woman. What does it mean, “This meeting is for men”?
He did not have any titles. Why did Okonkwo insult another man?
Be humble. What did the oldest man at the meeting say to Okonkwo?
He gained it through hard work and without help. What does Okonkwo thinks of his success?
A benevolent spirit helped Okonkwo. According to the oldest man at the meeting, why is Okonkwo successful?
He beat his youngest wife. How did Okonkwo break the “Week of Peace”?
She did not prepared a portion of Okonkwo’s meal. Why did Okonkwo break the “Week of Peace”?
She went to have her hair braided. Why did Okonkwo’s wife cook the meal that day?
They tried to stop him from beating his wife? How did Okonkwo’s family neighbors react with the beating?
He had to pay a penalty. What was Okonkwo’s punishment for breaking the “Week of Peace”?
The priest did. Who received the offering brought by Okonkwo?
A she-goat, a hen, a bolt of cloth and a bag of 100 cowries. What was the offering Okonkwo had to pay?
He adds a pot of wine. What did Okonkwo add to the offering?
He has no remorse. What did the villagers think of Okonkwo’s attitude?
He can tell stories, make flutes, bows, and arrows. What are some of the things Ikemefuna does?
Ikemefuna. Who can trap game in spite of his age?
Nwoye Who does Okonkwo wishes to work “like a man.”

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