Things Fall Apart Chapter 20-25

What does Okonkwo ask Ezinma not to do? He asks her not to marry until he is back in Umuofia and not to marry anyone who is not from Umuofia
What are the kotma (court messengers) called? Because of their ash-colored shorts, they were called “ashy buttocks”
What does Enoch, the zealous convert, do that is so bad? He killed and ate the sacred python and he unmasked one of the egwugwu during a ceremony
How is Mr. Smith different from Mr. Brown? Mr Brown is calm and patient, he is not trying to force his religion on the clan, he respected the IgboMr Smith, however, is impatient and pushes his belief that his religion is superior, he was disrespectful to the Igbo
What do the egwugwu tell Mr Smith? They tell him that they will not harm him but the shrine (church) he built must be destroyed
How much do they pay the District Commissioner? 200 bags of cowriesthe DC treats them poorly and Okonkwo and the other clansmen get beaten
What message is brought to the village? many people from the villages are meeting to address the fact that the unwanted strangers need to be rid from their land, messengers arrive saying that the white men ordered that the meeting needs to cease
How does Okonkwo respond? Okonkwo kills a man with his machete but his fellow clansmen do not partake in the violence, Okonkwo realizes his men will never try to go to war
What happens to Okonkwo and how do they deal with his body? What trouble do they have? Okonkwo is found hanging from a treeThe clansmen ask the DC’s men to cut Okonkwo down from the tree and bury him since it is nontraditional for people of the same clan to touch the body of a man who killed himself
How and where does Okonkwo die? He hangs himself from a tree behind his compound

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