Things Fall Apart – Chapter 16

Obierika does. Who come to visit Okonkwo on his fourth year of exile?
In Mbanta. Where does Okonkwo live during his exile?
Sad news. What news does Obierika bring?
In Umuofia. Where does Obierika live?
White Chrisitan missionaries have built a church and have recruited some converts. What happened in Umuofia?
They are disappointed in the villagers. How do the leaders of the clan feel about what is happening in Umuofia?
They are only “efulefu.” What do the leaders of Umuofia think of the converts?
Worthless. What does “efulefu”mean?
None of them holds a title in the clan. What is common among the converts?
He saw Nwoy with some missionaries in Umuofia. What is Obierika’s real reason to visit Okonkwo?
Mbanta. What’s the village where Nwoye lives?
He is one of the converts. What does Nwoye tell Obierika?
He is not his father. What does Nwoye tell Obierica about Okonkwo?
Six, including a white man. How many men came to Mbanta after what happened in Abame?
Through an interpreter. How did the white man speak to the villagers?
A new God who created the world and humankind. What was the message of the Chrisitan missionaries?
The new God would replace the false gods of wood and stone that they had worshiped. Why was the message important?
Worship of the true God would ensure that they would live forever in the new God’s kingdonm. What was the promise of the missionary message?
He and his people would be coming to live with them and would be bringing many iron horses for the villagers to ride. What did the white man tell the villagers?
The missionary insested that their gods were deceitful and arbitrary. When did the villagers began to move away?
‘The missionaries began singing a joyful hymn. How did the missionary get the villagers attention again?
He considered the man spoke nonsense and walked away. What was Okonkwo’s response to the missionaries?
He was impressed woht the compassion of the new religion. What was Nwoye’s response to the missionaries?
Nwoye’s questions about customes that included the killing of thetwins and Ikemefuna. What did the new religion seem to answer?

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