Things Fall Apart – Chapter 13

Ezeudu Inthe dead of night, the sound of a drum, and a cannon announced the death of . . .
An important man in the village. Who was Ezeudu?
He remembers that Ezeudu had warned him against plaing a part in the killing of Ikemefuna. Why does Okonkwo shiver?
Everyone in the village. Who goes for the funeral ceremony?
Three How many titles had Ezeudu achieved inhislifetime?
Dance, fire off guns, and cry. What did the men do in the ceremony?
Wail What did the women do?
The “egwugwu” What did appear periodically during the cermony?
The “underworld” According to the Igbo Tribe, Where are the “egwugwu” coming from?
A one-handed Spirit Among the “egwugwu”, who comes with a message for the dead Ezeudu?
They become increasingly intense. Before the burial, what happens to the dancing, drumming, and gunshots?
An agonizing cry and shouts of horror, followed by silence. What is suddenly heard?
Ezeudu’s 16-year-old son is found dead in a pool of blood. What is seen in the midst of the crowd?
It exploded and a piece of iron pierced the boy’s heart. What happened when Okonkwo fired his gun?
It has never occurred. How many times has this accident happened in the history of Umuofia?
It is a crime against the earth goddess. What kind of crime is the accidentl killing of a clansman?
He and his family must leave Umuofia for seven years. What is the punishment for Okonkwo’s crime?
They cry bitterly as they hurriedly pack their most valuable belongings. What do Okonlwo’s wives and children do about this crime?
On head loads. Where do they carry their belongings?
In Mbana, the village of his mother. Where is Okonkwo going to live?
They are moved to Obierika’s compound for storage. What happened with Okonkwo’s yams?
A group of village men invade Okonkwo’s compound. What happened after Okonkwo’s family’s departure the next morning?
To carry out the traditional justice prescribed by the earth goddess. Why did the village men come to Okonkw’s compound.
To destroy Okonkwo’s barn, house, , and animals. What does the earth goddess demand?
Obierika Who is Okonkwo’s friend?
He mourns Okonkwo’s departure and wonders why Okonkwo should be punished so severely for an accident. Regarding Okonkwo’s punishment, how does Obierika react?
The old traditions What is Obierika questioning?
His own twins who were abondoned in the forest because of tribal traditions. What does Obierika remember?

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