Things Fall Apart Chapter 10

What is an ilo? The village green, where they play sports discussions etc
At what time of day do communal ceremonies take place? Daytime
By looking at the way they crowd was standing, who was the ceremony for? Men
Who was the only woman that participated in the ceremony? Mgbafo
Who was Mgbafo’s husband? Uzowulu
What is an egwugwu? A masquerader who impersonates spirits
What village was represented by the Evil Forest? Umueru
What do spirits call humans? Bodies
Which hand do you use to show submission to the earth? Touch it with your right
What was Uzowulu case that he presented to the Evil Forest? His in laws stole his wife and never paid the bride price
What was Odukwe case that he presented to Evil Forest? That it is true that they stole the wife back and never paid the bride price, but they did it to save her life
How did Evil Forest end the dispute? He said to Uzowulu to take palm wine to his in laws and beg for his wife back

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