Things Fall Apart ALL Characters

Okonkwo the protagonist; a strong, proud, hardworking Igbo
Obierika Okonkwo’s confidant; he refuses to participate in killing Ikemefuna
Ikemefuna a boy taken from Mbaino as a compensation for murder
Ani the Earth goddess who calls for Ikemefuna’s death
Unoka Okonkwo’s father; he loves to play the flute and appears to be lazy
Nwoye Okonkwo’s eldest son; he takes the Christian name Isaac
Ekwefi Okonkwo’s second wife; mother of Ezinma
Ezinma Ekwefi’s only daughter
Agbala Oracle of the Hills and Caves
Chielo Agbala’s priestess; she is a widow with two children
Nwoye’s mother Okonkwo’s first wife; she is very strong
Ojiugo Okonkwo’s youngest wife, who is beaten during the Week of Peace
Uchendu Okonkwo’s uncle; his mother’s brother and the elder in Mbanta
Ezeudu (Ogbuefi Ezeudu) an elder and a friend of Okonkwo
Nwakibie an important man in Umuofia; he helps Okonkwo begin his farm
Ndulue a respected elder who dies shortly before his beloved wife Ozoemena
Ozoemena Ndulue’s wife; she dies shortly after her husband
Mr. Brown a European missionary based in Umuofia
Mr. Kiaga an Igbo missionary in charge of the congregation in Mbanta
Mr. Smith a zealous, rigid missionary who takes over for Mr. Brown
District Commissioner the British official in charge of Igboland
Enoch a zealous Christian
Okoli a convert to Christianity who kills the sacred python and dies
Chukwu the supreme Creator God of the Igbo traditional religion
Akueke Obierika’s daughter; her marriage is negotiated
Amalinze called the Cat; a great wrestler who is thrown by Okonkwo
Anene Ekwefi’s first husband
Chika Agbala’s priestess during Unoka’s time
Ezeani the priest of the Earth goddess
Ezeugo a powerful orator
Maduka Obierika’s son; a great wrestler
Obiageli Nwoye’s sister
Ogbuefi Udo his wife is murdered by the people of Mbaino
Okagbue the medicine man who destroys Ezinma’s iyi-uwa
Okeke the interpreter for Mr. Smith
Okoye a neighbor who unsuccessfully tries to collect a debt from Unoka
Osugo a man without titles

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