Their Eyes Were Watching God- Final Exam

Tries to flirt with Tea-Cake and incurs Janie’s wrath Nunkie
Becomes mayor of Eatonville Joe Starks
The light of Janie’s life Tea-Cake
Continually shoes contempt for Black people Mrs. Turner
Her husband is scared of her and she wants to set up Janie with her brother Mrs. Turner
Starts imitating Joe after his death Amos Hicks
Nanny’s idea of security Logan Killicks
She “pinches the horizon into a wee little thing” Janie
He has a crush on Janie but all he has is a fish sandwich Amos Hicks
She runs off with another man without divorcing her first one Janie
She says, “put me down easy, i’m a cracked plate…” Nanny
He says, “thought Ah’d try tuh git heah soon enought tuh tell yuh mah daytime thoughts…” Tea Cake
She says “From now until death she was going to have flower dust and springtime sprinkled over everything “ Janie
He says, “She ain’t good for nothing exceptin tuh set up in a corner by the kitchen store and break wood over her head. You’se something tuh make uh man forgit tuh git old and forgit to die” Tea Cake
“She stood there until something fell off the shelf inside her” Janie
He said “I’m too honest and hardworking for anybody in your family, dat’s de reason you don’t want me!” Logan Killicks
She “starched and ironed her face” Nanny
She had found a jewel down inside herself Janie
She warns Janie about the dangers of running off with a younger man Phoebe
He says, “I wish thunder and lightening would kill yuh!” Joe Starks
He takes care of the store for Janie after Joe’s death, he is protective of her too Amos Hicks
She says “it’s so many people never seen the light at all. Ah was fumbling round and God opened de door” Janie
He says, “Ah never knowned you wuz so satisfied wid me lak dat” Tea Cake
Phoebe believes Janie… Is a crazy woman who should have never left Eatonville
From the text, which of the following best describes what Logan Killicks sees in Janie A helper around the farm
During her marriage to Logan, Janie is waiting For love to start
When they first meet, Joe Starks represents what to Janie Flower dust and springtime, a needed change, and a better opportunity for a life
What best describes what happens to Joe and Janie’s relationship? Joe doesn’t allow Janie to express her true feeling, expects total obedience, and forces Janie to emotionally leave the relationship
The people of Eatonville could be best described as: Grateful to Joe for his investments in the town and resentful of his power
On his deathbed, what Joe says to Janie could be summarized as… You have no feelings and are ungrateful for everything I have given you
How does Tea Cake show his interest in Janie? Taking her places she has never been before, teaching her how to do things, helping her around the house and garden, strawberries, fishing, and picnics
Janie finds out that Tea Cake did what with the $200 in her purse? Gambled it away in a card game
Why does Tea Cake hit Janie? He needs to show the Turners who is in control
Why does Janie lose her temper and hit Tea Cake? She finds Nunkie and Tea Cake “wrestling” in the field
Why does Janie and Tea Cake decide not to leave when the hurricane is coming? They don’t want to lose a day’s work
Janie realizes what is wrong with Tea Cake when… Tea Cake hides a gun under his pillow and starts hallucinating
Janie’s trial can be best described as… An ugly racial battle between blacks and whites
Who does Janie tell her story to? Phoebe
Why does Janie feel close to nature? She spends a lot of time outside, she lacks parental guidance, she finds God in nature
Janie is drawn to Tea Cake because… He allows her to be herself, he enjoys her company, he is good looking, he thinks she is beautiful
The black community “forgets” their hostility toward Janie after Tea Cake’s funeral because… They no longer want to be mad, they loved Janie, they wanted to think well of themselves, they found a scapegoat in Mrs. Turner’s brother
What time period was this book written in? Harlem Renaissance
What year was this novel published? 1937
Who placed a tombstone on Zora’s grave and is credited with helping to revive interest in her writing? Alice Walker
Criticism of this book included… Domestic violence, a simplistic & sometimes negative portrayal of blacks, lack of theme and message
The women in Eatonville saw Janie’s dirty overalls as… weapons they could use against her
Hurston’s writing style in this novel makes use of: Antiqued and sophisticated diction
What techniques does Hurston make use of to organize telling her story? A frame device
Exposition: Eatonville, easy 1900’s, Janie, Tea Cake, Jody, Phoebe, Nanny
Rising Action: Janie leaving Logan, marrying Jody, Jody dies
Climax: Storm
Falling Action: When Janie shoots Tea Cake
Resolution: Janie returns to Eatonville
Internal conflict: What is love? How to attain love?
External conflict: Relationships with husbands, storm = man vs. nature
Themes: Marriage, racism, relationships
Symbols: Pear tree, mule, hair
Author: Zora Neale Hurston
Copyright date: 1937

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