Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapters 12-15

How did the town’s people feel about Janie going out with Tea Cake? They disapproved because it had just been nine months since since Joe’s death and they think that he will take advantage of Janie.
What was Janie’s response when Pheoby talked to her about Tea Cake? She said that she always wanted to go to the picnic and do other things but one wouldn’t let her.
Why did Janie want to sell the store? She wanting to leave with Tea Cake and she didn’t want people to compare him to Joe.
Summarize Janie and Tea Cake’s wedding. Janie took the train to Jacksonville in her new blue satin dress. Tea Cake met her at the train and went to the preacher’s house.
What did Janie discover one morning about a week after she was married? Tea Cake woke up before her and took the $200.
What did Janie tell Tea Cake when he returned home after having spent her money? She told him if he ever went off and had fun without her she would kill him.
How did Tea Cake get the money back? He gambled and won $320.
Where did Janie and Tea Cake go & why? They went to the Everglades to pick up beans (“de muck”).
Describe the muck. It is a section in Everglades near Cleviston and Belle Glade where sugar cane, string beans and tomatoes were raised.
How did Janie feel about her life with Tea Cake? She enjoyed the work and social life. She enjoyed being free.
Why did Janie start going to pick beans? Tea Cake told her that he missed her.
Describe the incident between Nun Kie.

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