Their Eyes Were Watching God chapters 11-20

True or False: The townspeople were glad that Janie was dating Tea Cake. False
What was Janie’s response when Phoeby talked to her about Tea Cake? She said she had always wanted to go and do things that she was doing with TC, but Joe wouldn’t let her.
Why did Janie want to sell the store? She didn’t want to be tied down to it the rest of her life.
Briefly describe Janie and Tea Cake’s wedding. Got married at preacher’s house in Jacksonville.
What did Janie discover missing one morning after they had been married for a couple of weeks? Her hidden $200 was missing.
What did she tell him after she found out what he did with the money? She intended to do everything with him and if he did anything like that again, she would kill him.
Where did Janie and Tea Cake eventually move? The Everglades
Why did they move to the Everglades? to pick beans.
True or False: Janie enjoyed the work and social life with Tea Cake. True
Why did Janie start picking beans with TC? He said he was lonely without her.
True or False: Mrs. Turner thought Janie was too light skinned to date a man as black as TC. True
Who did Mrs. Turner want to introduce Janie to? Her brother.
What did TC do once he found out what Mrs. Turner did? He beat Janie.
How did the men react to TC’s treatment of Janie? They approved.
How did the people on the muck find out a hurricane was coming? They saw the Indians and animals moving eastward away from the muck.
What happened to TC during their escape from the flood/hurricane? He was bitten by a rabid dog.
List 3 of his symptoms? Fever, could not swallow, and became delirious.
What did Janie find under TC’s pillow? a handgun.
Who shot who? Janie shot TC.
What was the outcome of the trial? Janie was acquitted (not guilty)
What did Janie bring back to Eatonville to remember TC by? A packet of plant seeds.
True or False: When the author says the people’s eyes were watching God, the people were in church. False.
What did Janie do after she called in the doctor to examine TC when he first fell ill? She went outside and looked at the sun and wondered if God was intentionally hurting them.
What happened just before TC died? He bit Janie on the arm.
Who was the scapegoat for TC’s death? Mrs. Turner’s brother.

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