Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 4 Questions

How has Janie’s marriage to Logan changed since they were first married? Logan doesn’t show much love or attention; he wants Janie to work hard labor next to him.
What does Logan want Janie to do with the mule he plans to bring back from town? He wants her to work on a plow in the field with him.
Describe Joe Starks. How does Janie behave when she first meets him? He is well-groomed, attractive, stylishly-dressed; “sealbrown”;self-assured and driven. Janie is flirtatious and na├»ve.
Where does Joe want to go? Why? Eatonville, Florida; he wants to be a part of the allblackcommunity.
Why do you think Janie is so attracted to Joe? Answers will vary. He says the right things; she is attracted to him, whereas she was just forced into the relationship with Logan. He is well-dressed and seems to know what he wants out of life. She may be attracted physically, but also attracted to the possibility of being treated better, since he is such a smooth talker.
What happens to trigger Janie’s final decision to leave Logan? He wants her to plow the field.
What expectations does Janie have about her new marriage to Joe? That things will be better now; that he will show her what real love is

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