Their Eyes Were Watching God : Chapter 2

What “discovery” did Janie make make about herself when she was very young? She is colored.
Why was Janie raised by her grandmother? Her father ran off and her mother took to alcohol.
Who was Janie’s grandfather? The white slave owner.
Why did Nanny run away from the plantation? The wife of the slave owner was threatening to kill her.
Why did Nanny want Janie to marry Logan Killicks? She wants her to have a safe, stable, homelife.
What happened to Janie’s mother at age 17? What happened as a result? She was raped. Janie was born.
Who was Janie’s father? A white school teacher.
What does Nanny mean when she says that she is a “cracked plate”? She is an elderly women who has been through a great deal in her life. She needs to be handled kindly.

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