Their eyes were watching god Chapter 1-4

Who is the main character? The main character is Janie Crawford.
What is her situation at the beginning of the novel? She is returning home after having been gone for some time.
What was Janie’s most noticeable physical characteristic? She had beautiful, long dark hair.
4. Who was Janie’s best friend? It was Phoeby Watson.
5. After Chapter 1, how is the story told? It is told as a flashback.
Why did Janie marry Logan Killicks? her nanny told her to
What was Janie’s idea of love before she was married? She thought marriage would bring the love
What happened to Nanny shortly after Janie was married? She died.
How did Janies’s and Logan’s relationship change? He was nice to her and gave her things then he told her she had to work more
What did Janie discover about love? She discovered that marriage did not make love.
What did Janie do shortly after she met Joe Starks? She left Logan and ran off with Joe Starks.

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