Their Eyes Were Watching God – Chap. 5-6 Study Guide

Who was Joe looking for when he and Janie got to town? the mayor
Who was Joe looking for when he and Janie got to town? West Maitland and Eatonville
What actions did Joe take when he got to town? Joe purchased 200 acres for future building around the town, built a store, and starting to invite and persuade people to come live in the town.
How did Joe want Janie to look and act? Joe wanted Janie to look like “the bell cow” so that other women in the town couldn’t rank with her. (look better than the other women)
What was the result of Joe’s suggestion that the town incorporate and elect a mayor? Joe became the mayor
What was Janie’s reaction when Joe said she couldn’t make a speech? she felt cold and his remarks took the bloom off things
Which of Joe’s innovations was the first in a colored town? a street lamp
How did Joe’s position affect Janie’s’ relationship with other town residents? Janie could not get close to them as they were jealous
What was the “rock” against which Janie was battered? she was frustrated in the store dealing with all the math that came with the purchases the customers made.
What did Joe do about the mule? he bought it so it could stay in the pasture and rest
What happened to Joe and Janie’s relationship during the seventh year of their marriage? Joe started criticizing Janie and she went from fighting back to submitting to his criticism and kept her thoughts and opinions to herself.
What was Janie’s comment to the men during their conversation about Mrs. Tony? Janie said that God told her he was surprised they turned out so smart even though he had made them so different, and that they would be surprised if they ever found out they didn’t know half as much about women as they thought.

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