Their Eyes Were Watching God – Ch. 6 Questions

How do the men at the store tease Matt Bonner about his mule? The joke about the mule being off somewhere getting into trouble
Why is Janie having such a hard time managing the store? Because Joe had forbidden her to engage in the teasing of Matt Bonner about his mule
Why does Starks buy the mule from Matt Bonner> Because he overheard Janie saying that the men should put the mule out of it’s misery
How is freeing the mule symbolic? To whom do the townspeople compare Starks? It symbolizes setting a tortured soul free, they compare him to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
Why doesn’t Joe allow Janie to go to the “draggin’-out”? Because he believes that it is no place for a woman, a mayor’s wife at that
Why does Joe think that Janie is being ungrateful? Because she is being sullen
Why does Joe slap Janie? For messing up his dinner
After being slapped, the narrator explains that “something fell off the shelf inside her.” What was it that fell? Explain. Her innocence, she no longer has complete trust nor does she wear her heart on her sleeve

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