Their Eyes Were Watching God – Ch. 5 Questions

What is familiar about the first sentence of Chapter 5: “On the train the next day, Joe didn’t make many speeches with rhymes to her…”? It is exactly what happened to Janie in her first marriage
What is Janie and Joe’s first impression of the town? Disappointment and Disgust
When Joe realizes what the town is really like, what does he plan to do? Become mayor and build the town, making it look established and something to be proud of
Describe Amos Hicks and Lee Coker’s personalities? What do their behavior tell you about the town? People in the town aren’t educated and they were just waiting fr someone to come and fix up the town for them
Why do you think Joe Starks is so set upon building a store and a post office? Those are the 2 things that would help establish the town
How do the townspeople reward Starks? They make him the mayor of the town
How does Joe treat Janie? What does/doesn’t he allow her to do? He treats her like she is a young child and like she is stupid; He doesn’t let her be the mayor’s wife, he treats her like a possession and not his
What is symbolic about the streetlight that Starks bought? It symbolizes the town becoming one; a light in the darkness
How does Janie feel about her marriage to Joe? Cold, fearful, and lonely
How is Janie treated as the Mayor’s wife? She is idolized
What is symbolic about the way Starks paints his house? He painted his house white, which shows that he’s further establishing himself as greater than the other townspeople
What do the townspeople notice about the way Joe treats Janie? He is rough with her and doesn’t treat her like his wife

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