Their Eyes Were Watching God – Ch. 12 Questions

What rumors have been circulating about Tea Cake and Janie? The places Tea Cake would take Janie and what his intentions with her were
What does Sam Watson say is the reason Tea Cake is spending money on Janie? Because he is just wanting to ruin all the hard work Joe Starks had done
What news does Janie tell Pheoby about her and Tea Cake’s future? What is Pheoby’s warning to Janie? They were going to get married; that she should be careful and not trust him since the didn’t know each other every long
Why has Janie decided to sell the store? Because she didn’t want to keep it anymore and she knew that Tea Cake wasn’t cut out to run the store
What do we learn about the way Janie’s grandma wanted Janie to live her life? What does Janie want? Like the white folk; to live the way that she wants to live without having to live up to anyone’s expectations

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