Their Eyes Were Watching God – Ch. 1 Questions

What do you think the author means when she says, “Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board”? What connection does this have with the novel “The Great Gatsby”? some dreams come in with the tide and come true, some keep sailing until time runs out. Everyone wants what they don’t have like in “Gatsby”
Who is the “Watcher” in the first paragraph? The watcher represents a man watching his dreams (the ships) out on the horizon
Why has this woman come back to town? she wanted to chill
What do the women on the porches notice about the returning woman? What do the men notice? She’s wearing improper overalls; they wonder wear her husband is
How does Janie react to the women She doesn’t mind them
Which woman defends Janie? Why? Pheoby Watson, she is Janie’s best friend and confidante
Explain the following: “Ah been a delegate to de big ‘ssociation of life” She has indeed gone out into the world and experienced life
Where is Tea Cake? Eatonville
What is a “frame story” and how does this first chapter “frame” the novel? It is a literary technique used to contain an embedded narrative

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