Their Eyes Were Watching God

Who wrote this novel? Zora Neale Hurston
What would an anthropologist study? humans, their origins, physical characteristics, institutions, religious beliefs, social relationships, etc
What was the era of unprecedented achievement in literature and art in the 1920’s and early 1930’s? The Harlem Renaissance
This novel is a story within a story, which means that is is a… frame story
What is the first incorporated African American town in America? Eatonville, FL
Who is the protagonist? Janie
Who is Janie’s best friend? Phoeby
What is the oldest human longing? self-revelation
Which dynamic group of people forget what they don’t want to remember, and remember everything they don’t want to forget? women
Which static group of people sees their dreams on the horizon, but only watch them as Time mocks? men
What are two examples of archetypal images that represent Janie’s journey? road and gate
What is the general reaction of the people of Eatonville upon Janie’s return in the first chapter? Gossip and jealousy
Who is the Mouth-Almighty? the porch-sitters
What is the “muck? The Everglades
What does Janie have a special connection with? nature
How are Janie and Phoeby’s roles as Storyteller and Listener important? Janie has had self-revelation, but want to fully understand it by telling someone her story of getting it. And Phoeby wants to “leave the porch” by sharing in Janie’s revelation.
Who is the mule of society, according to Nanny? African American women
Characterization told explicitly is… direct
Characterization through assumptions is… indirect
Characterization that does not change throughout is… static
Characterization that changes throughout is… dynamic
Characterization that is multi-dimensional is… round
Characterization that is one-dimensional is… flat
In what year was this novel published? 1937
Where was the author born and raised? Eatonville, FL
Where did the author study anthropology? Barnard College and Columbia University
What is it called when two groups speak the same language but with marked differences in pronunciation (phonological) or in the words (lexical) used for common objects? dialect
Who raised Janie? Nanny
Which white family did Janie grow up with? The Washburns
At what age did Janie learn she was African American? How did this revelation occur? 6; when she saw herself in a photo
What was Janie’s nickname as a child? Why this name? “Alphabet”; because she had so many names
Janie has a sort of sexual awakening at age 16 when she sees what occur? A bee pollinating a pear tree blossom
Who does Janie share her first kiss with? Johnny Taylor
Who asks for Janie’s hand in marriage? Logan Killicks
Who is Janie’s mother? Leafy
What made “Janie’s kiss across the gatepost seem like a manure pile after the rain”? Nanny’s words
What does Nanny do after Janie refuses to marry Logan? She slaps her granddaughter
As far as Nanny knows, who is the ruler of everything? white men
Why does Nanny want Janie to be married to Logan? There is protection, plus he is well-off with sixty acres of land
Who is a “cracked plate”? Nanny
Who wanted to speak for women like herself, but had no pulpit to preach on? Nanny
What was the giveaway that Leafy was the white landowner’s child? She had grey eyes and yellow hair
What event occurred while Nanny was running away with her baby? The end of the Civil War and the freeing of the slaves
What happened to Leafy? She was raped by a schoolteacher, and after Janie was born, she began drinking and going out. Soon she didn’t return.
Was Leafy dead when Janie heard the story about her? It is not certain, because Nanny would know it by her feelings
What is Logan’s house referred to? a stump
What does Janie want out of her marriage with Logan? love
Why does Nanny die? She had done all she could for Janie
Who is Janie’s second husband? Joe Starks
What is the symbol of Janie’s sexuality? her hair
What does Logan do after Janie refuses to help him move a manure pile? He threatens to kill her with an axe
After Janie leaves Logan, what does the morning air feel like to her? a new dress
Where to Joe and Janie go? Eatonville, FL
What honor is Joe given for helping build up the town? mayor
What can’t the town fathom about Joe at first? How much money he has
What town commodity is built for Eatonville? a streetlight
“You can’t git her wid no ____” fish sandwich
How did Joe see his wife and the other women? Janie is the bell-cow, and the others are the gang
What does Joe say Janie doesn’t know how to do in front of everyone? speech-making
What happens when Joe catches Henry Pitts with a wagon of his ribbon cane? Henry’s cane is taken away and he is kicked out
What is Joe’s solution to the men looking at and touching Janie’s hair? He makes her tie it up in a rag
Where do Joe and Janie work during the day? Joe works in the Post Office, and Janie works in the store
What animal becomes a center of conversation in Eatonville? Matt Bonner’s yellow mule
Was Janie allowed to go to the mule-dragging? No
What do the carcass, Parson, and other buzzards represent? Carcass is Janie, Parson is Joe, and Buzzards are townspeople
What killed the mule? bare fat
Who is the lovely lady in town that gets the appreciation Janie wants? Daisy Blunt
In Janie’s mind, what did she drape her dreams over? Joe Starks
Who is constantly coming to the store to beg for food? Mrs. Tony
How many years had Janie and Joe been married before Joe dies? 20 years
What is Janie’s pet name for Joe? Jody
What Joe do to Janie throughout their marriage that Nanny wanted, but Janie did not? put on the stool of do-nothing
What mistake brings Joe and Janie’s insults to a boiling point? Janie cut a piece of tobacco in the wrong place
What insult does Janie give to Joe that causes great embarrassment to Joe? “When you pull down yo’ britches, you look lak de change uh life!”
Why does Joe start having Old Lady Davis cook his meals for him? He suspects Janie of poisoning him
Does Joe get legitimate medical help for his illness? No, he gets quack doctors
What is the cause of Joe’s deteriorating health? Both of his kidneys failed
What is ironic about Joe’s death? He didn’t know he was dying until right before it happened
What does Janie do after Joe dies? She lets down her hair
What was the world to Janie? “a stallion rolling in the blue pasture of ether”
What contrasts within Janie during Joe’s funeral? On the outside, she is in mourning, but inside, she loves her freedom
What was Janie and Nanny after in life? Janie was after people, and Nanny was after things
What is the biggest thing God ever made? the horizon
Who works in the store and mimics Joe’s mannerisms? Hezekiah
“To my thinkin’ ____ oughtn’t tuh last no longer’n ____.” mourning; grief
While Eatonville is at a game at Winter parks, who comes to the store? Tea Cake
What is Tea Cake’s real name? Vergible Woods
What is the first thing Tea Cake teaches Janie to do? play checkers
Who is a glance from God? Tea Cake
How much older is Janie than Tea Cake? 12 years
How are Joe’s and Tea Cake’s life choices different? Joe lives to work, and Tea Cake works to live
What does Janie repeatedly call Tea Cake? “You crazy thing!”
When Janie wakes up from sleeping, what does she catch Tea Cake doing? combing her hair
What is a jook? a dive or bar
Who is the fiend from hell sent specially to lovers? doubt
Why does the town look so negatively upon Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship? Tea Cake is younger than her, and liable to steal her money. Also, Janie should be in mourning for Joe
Who does Phoeby refer to (who was in a similar situation) when trying to talk Janie out of marrying Tea Cake? Annie Tyler
Where is the first place Janie and Tea Cake go to after leaving Eatonville? Jacksonville
How much money did Janie pin to the inside of her shirt? $200
How much money does Janie initially have in the bank? $1200
What did Tea Cake spend the $200 dollars on? Why? A mac and cheese and chicken dinner for everyone; he wants to see what it’s like to be rich
Why doesn’t Tea Cake bring Janie to the party he funded? The people there aren’t high class
What does Tea Cake do to win back Janie’s money, as well as play throughout the novel? dice
What is a flivver? an old car
What becomes the center of activity in the Everglades? Tea Cake and Janie’s house
Describe the social structure of this time period 1. Rich white 2. Rich black (Joe) 3. Porch-Sitters 4. Mucks (In the Everglades; spiritual)
Which body of water to Janie and Tea Cake settle near? Lake Okechobee
What does Tea Cake teach Janie to do in the muck? to shoot
What are the two reasons for teaching Janie to shoot? Hunting and Protection
Who flirts with Tea Cake, and is said to not be good for anything but sit in the kitchen corner and break wood over her head? Nunkie
Who are the Saws? Bahaman workers
Who is, ironically, racist against African Americans? Mrs. Turner
What is Mrs. Turner’s cause of racism? irritation
What does Mrs. Turner “worship”? white features, especially Janie’s
What do Janie and Tea Cake live off of, according to Janie? happiness
Who does Mrs. Turner want to set up Janie with? her brother, a carpender
When Tea Cake meets Janie for the first time, where was he working? Orlando
What does Tea Cake do to show ownership over Janie? he whips her
Where do Mr. and Mrs. Turner go after the ruckus in the cafe? Palm Beach
What kind of man is Mr. Turner? submissive, weak
Who starts a fight in Mrs. Turner’s cafe? Tea Cake and his friends
After all the racism against African Americans throughout the novel, which group of people is now ridiculed before the hurricane comes? the Native Americans (Seminoles)
According to Tea Cake, what would have happened if Indians were right about things? They’d still own the country
Who are “folks”, and who are “people”, regarding the hurricane’s wrath? folks are workers, and people are owners
Who stays with Janie and Tea Cake to ride out the storm at first? Motorboat
Who offers Tea Cake and Janie a ride out to avoid the hurricane? Lias
The title of the novel refers to what event? Janie, Tea Cake, and Motorboat watching God in the storm, they being helpless to do anything
Who walked the earth with a heavy heel? the sea
What did Janie grab onto for support, and what was on top of it? a cow; a rabid dog
Where did the rabid dog bite Tea Cake before he stabs it with his knife? the cheekbone
What is the incubation period for rabies? three weeks
What is Tea Cake made to do after the hurricane? find bodies and bury them
Unfortunately, how are the bodies buried? Caucasian people are put in pine boxes, and African American people are put in a ditch and sprinkled with quick-lime
What is the first sure sign that something is wrong with Tea Cake? He chokes up water when he tries to drink it
What is the doctor’s verdict for Tea Cake? He has rabies, and he is sure to die after some upsetting episodes
Who is Tea Cake’s doctor? Dr. Simmons
How does Tea Cake’s illness parallel Jody’s? For both men, help arrived too late
According to Janie, who is Tea Cake’s parent? The Evening Sun
What did Janie believe killed Tea Cake? her love
What does the doctor say will happen to Tea Cake in the hospital? he will be tied down
According to Tea Cake, how did Janie spend her years? She spent her old days with another man, and her young days with Tea Cake
What point of argument begins the climactic event between Janie and Tea Cake? Janie isn’t sleeping with Tea Cake anymore
What does Janie find under Tea Cake’s pillow, and what does she do with it? pistol; she takes three bullets out
How many times does Tea Cake fire the pistol? 4 (three were empty, one had a bullet)
What did Janie kill Tea Cake with? a rifle
What does Tea Cake do to Janie right before he dies? he bites her
Who stands up for Janie in court? Who condemns her? The Caucasian women and Dr. Simmons; the African American men
How long was Janie in jail? barely a day
When was Janie put in jail? the same day as Tea Cake’s death
What is Janie’s verdict? not guilty
Where is Tea Cake buried? How? Why? Palm Beach; like a pharaoh; Janie didn’t want the rains of the muck to wash him up
What does Janie wear to Tea Cake’s funeral? overalls
How does Phoeby feel after hearing Janie’s story? ten feet taller
Where does Janie go after Tea Cake’s funeral? Why? Eatonville; there is nothing left for Janie in the Everglades
What “crazy” thing does Janie and Tea Cake do? Go to the Everlgades
What are the two things everybody has to do for themselves? Go to God and find out about living
What does Phoeby want to do with Sam after hearing Janie’s story? go fishing
What is the thing that Janie does in the last pages of the novel that she has never really done? think
The misfortunes in the Everglades towards the end of the novel are blamed on which individual? Mrs. Turner’s brother
Who does Janie feel with her in spirit? Tea Cake with the sun for a shawl
When the novel begins, Janie is… Returning to Eatonville alone as an older woman
To whom does Janie tell her story? Phoeby
Who was Janie’s grandfather? A slave owner who raped Nanny
What is the main reason for Janie leaving Logan? To marry Joe Starks and go to Eatonville
Where is the center of social life in Eatonville? the store
What do the townspeople tease Matt Bonner about? his yellow mule
What is Joe’s implied reason for buying the mule? to make Janie happy
What does Joe say is the reason for Janie not going to the mule’s funeral? the gathering is too common for a mayor’s wife
What do Sam and Lige argue over after the mule’s funeral? Whether nature or caution keeps men from touching hot stoves
On the porch of the Eatonville store, why does Janie finally speak out? To tell the men on the porch that they don’t know as much about woman as they think they do
Why does Joe undermine Janie’s appearance, at first? To take away from his own worsening looks
What does Joe do to Janie after she insults him publicly? He hits her hard.
What does Janie do to Joe on his deathbed? She berates him for his past actions and tells him he will die
In their first week of marriage, how many times is Tea Cake gone for a long period of time, much to Janie’s distress? two
What is the direct cause of Tea Cake’s death? Janie shooting him with a rifle
Why does Janie reject so many suitors after Joe’s death? She loves her freedom

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