Their eyes were watching God.

Who is the main character? Janie Crawford
What is her situation at the beginning of the novel? She is returning home after being gone for some time.
What is Janie’s most noticeable physical characteristic? She had beautiful, long dark hair.
Who was Jamie’s best friend? Pheobe Watson
After chapter 1, how is the story told? The story was told as a flashback.
Why did Janie marry Logan Killicks? Her nanny told her too.
What was Janie’s idea of love before she was married? She thought marriage would bring love.
What happened to nanny shortly after Janie married? She died.
How did Janie’s and Logan’s relationship change? At first Logan talked in rhymes and did things for her, then he told her she had to do more work.
What did Janie discover about love? She discovered that marriage did not make love.
Describe joe Starks? He was citified. Stylishly dressed and had money and ambitions.
What did Janie do shortly after she met joe Starks? She left Logan and ran off with Joe.
Who was joe looking for when he and Janie got to town? He was looking for the mayor.
What were the two names of the town? It was called West Maitland and Eatonville.
What actions did how take when he got to town? He paid cash for 200 acres of land. He opened a store and a post office. He bought the towns first street lamp. He organized the men and built a road. He had a drainage ditch built.
How did Joe want Janie to look and act? He wanted her to be ” the bell-cow”; to look and act better than other women.
What was the result of joes suggestion that the town incorporate and elect a mayor? He was elected mayor.
What was Janie’s reaction when joe said she couldn’t make a speech? She felt cold; his remarks took the bloom off things.
Which one of joes innovations was the first in a colored town? It was the street lamp.
How did joes positions affect Janie’s relationship with other town residents? She couldn’t get close to most of them. They felt jealous and awestruck.
What was the “rock” against which Janie was battered? She was frustrated in the Skye when she had to deal with the math involved in the customers purchases. Joe said she could do it if she wanted too and he wanted her to use her privileges.
What did joe do about the mule? He bought it so it could stay in the pasture and rest.
What happened to Joe and Janie’s relationship during the 7th year of their marriage? Joe started criticizing Janie. At first she fought back, then she gradually submitted. She learned to keep her thoughts to herself.
What was Janie’s comment to the men during their conversation about Mrs.Tony? She said God told her how superiors he was that they turned out so smart after he made them different than women. And that they would be surprised if they ever found out they didn’t know half as much about women as they thought.
What was the real reason behind the argument between joe and Janie that started when she incorrectly cut the plug of tobacco? Joe realized he wasn’t as young as he used to be. He started picking on Janie because his fear of his own age.
How did Janie feel after the big argument in the store? She was very upset and cried often.
What did Janie tell joe before he died? She told him he really didn’t know her, that she had lots of sympathy but he would never let her use it.
What was the only thing people saw in Janie after joes funeral? She stopped eating headrags.
What did Phoeby and other townspeople think Janie should do? They thought she’d remarry
What did Janie think of the idea of remarrying? She didn’t want too.She loved her new freedom.
What did Janie say about mourning and grief? She said mourning shouldn’t last any longer than grief.
How did Janie meet tea-cake? He came into the store and started talking to her.
Describe tea-cake. He was tall and lean. He had full, lazy eyes. He joked and laughed a lot.
What were the main concerns Janie had about getting in a relationship with tea-cake? He was about 11 years younger than Janie. He didn’t look like he had much money. She wasn’t sure what his intentions were or if they were serious or honorable.
Why did tea-cake visit Janie early one morning? He wanted to tell her his daytime thoughts. Janie still has doubts about the seriousness of his intentions, so he was attempting to prove to her that he was serious about her.
What did tea-cake do that proved his serious intentions towards Janie? He bought her strawberries in the morning so she could listen to his daytime thoughts. He invited her to the big Sunday school picnic.
How did the towns people feel about Janie going out with tea-cake? They thought he was trying to take advantage of her.
What was Janie’s response when Phoeby talked to her about tea-cake? She said she has always wanted to go and do things that she was doing. With tea-cake. But Joe wouldn’t let her do those things
Why did Janie want to sell the store? She planned to marry tea-cake and she didn’t want people comparing him to Joe.
Summarize Janie and tea-cakes wedding? Janie took the train to Jacksonville, wearing her new blue satin dress. Yes-cake met her at the rain and took her to the preachers house, where they got married.
What did Janie discover one morning after about a week of being married? She woke up and discovered that tea-cake had taken her $200 and left their room before she woke up.
What did Janie tell tea-cake after returning home after spending her money? She told him she intended to partake of everything with him. And if he ever went off and had fun without her again, she would kill him.
How did tea-cake get the money back? He gambled and won $322.00
Where did Janie and tea-cake go? And why? They event to the Everglades to pick beans. ” de muck”
Describe the muck? It was a section of the Everglades near clerks ton and belle glade where sugar cane, string beans and tomatoes were raised.
How did Janie feel about her life with tea-cake? She enjoyed the work and the social life.
Why did Janie start going out to pick beans? Tea-cake asked her too. Because he missed her during the day.
Describe the incident with Nunkie? Janie found the struggling on one of the can rows. And confronted them. When they got back to their house they wrestled, then finally made up. The next morning tea-cake reassured Janie that she was the only women in whom he was interested.
Describe Mrs. Turner and her attitude towards negros? Mrs. Turner was a light skinned with Caucasian features. She prides herself on not looking like the other negroes, and thought she was better than them.
What did Mrs.turner propose to Janie, and why? She thought Janie wS to fine features to be married to a man as black as tea-cake. She wanted to introduce Janie to her brother.
What did tea-cake do after Mrs.Turner introduced her brother to Janie and tea-cake, and why? He whipped Janie to show that he was still in possession of her. He wanted to show the turners he was still the boss.
How did the men react to tea-cakes treatment of Janie? They congratulated him because all of Janie’s bruises were visible. Which meant she did not fight back. They said their wives would have fought and screamed.
Describe the incident in Mrs.Turner restaurant?
What was Mrs.Turners reaction to the incident? She told her husband she wanted to move back to Miami
What causes the Seminoles and then the animals to move eastward? A hurricane was coming
Why did some of the people, including tea-cake and Janie remain in their houses on the muck? They thought they were safe because of the dike. They also thought the boss-man would be able to stop the hurricane by morning.
What was Janie’s response when tea-cake asked Janie if she wished she had stayed in her big home, away from dangers such as the hurricane? She said when she was Skyhawks her husband in a storm, she didn’t think she would die until her time came. And that she was happy being with tea-cake.
describe what was happening when the author use the sentence “they seemed to be starting at the dark, but their eyes were watching God” The people who had not left for higher ground were staring out at the first of the hurricane
What did Janie and tea-came do to try and escape from the lake? They started walking and swimming toward the high road that went to the palm beach.
Deceive the incident with the cow and the dog? Janie had grabbed onto a piece of roofing to use to cover tea-came. The wind came up and blew Khmer and the roofing into the water. A cow was swimming by, and tea-cake told her to grab it’s tail. There was a dog on the cows back. The dog advanced towards Janie. TSA-cake jumped in the water and fought the dog. The dog bit him before he was able to kill it.
What did Janie and tea-cake do after the hurricane was over? After a few days they went back to the muck and were reunited with many of their old friends.
What happened in the middle of their fourth week back on the muck? He came home complaining of a headache.
What were tea-cakes symptoms? He had a headache and a fever, his throat was closed up and he couldn’t swallow anything, not even water.
What did the doctor tell Janie after he examined tea-cake? He said tea-cake had rabies. And that he had almost no chance to recover.
What did Janie do after the doctor left? She went outside and looked up at the sky. She wondered if God was noticing what was going on. And if he had intentionally cause this problem for her and tea-cake.
What did Janie find under tea-cakes pillow? She found a pistol. With three full chambers
What did Janie do after she found this? When tea-came went outside she whirled the cylinder so the three chambers would snap first. Then she readied the rifle and put it in the corner of the kitchen.
Describe what happened when tea-cake came back into the house? He was in a delirious rage and aimed the pistol at Janie. After he shot once, Janie readied the rifle. He discharged the other two empty cylinders, then got ready to shoot again, and then Janie shot and killed tea-cake.
Describe Janie and tea-cakes last moments together? Janie held tea-came in her arms and wept and silently thanked him for all the time they had together. Yes-cake but her arm just before he died.
What happened at the trial? The doctor testifies that Janie has acted in self defense. Janie testified and tried to tell the jury hoe bad the situation was. She was acquitted.
How did the other men from the muck feel about the trial? At first they felt Janie should have been convicted of murder, but they relented after awhile.
What did Janie bring back to eatonville? She brought the lack of seeds tea-cake wanted to plant .

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