The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

In the play,”The Twelth Night,” by Shakespeare, the character,Viola, expressed a peculiar reaction towards the unfortunate death of her brother. During the play, as Viola is communicating to the sailors, she states,”And what am I supposed to do in Illyria? My brother is in heaven. Or maybe there’s a chance he didn’t drown.—What do you think, sailors?” In other words, Viola was behaving ambivalent towards her brothers death as she is battling between hope that he is alive, sadness if he did perish, and indecisive on how she could move forward. This reveals that Viola is torn with emotions towards her brother’s death.Thus, justifying Viola’s unusual reaction towards the death of her brother due to her conflicting emotions. What is unusual about Viola’s reaction to her brother’s death?
Based on the play,”The Twelfth Night,” by Shakespeare, the character Duke Orsino formed his own unique perception about love. Orsino states,”Oh, love is so restless! It makes you want everything,but it makes you sick of things a minute later, no matter how good they are. Love is so vivid and fantastical that nothing compares to it.” In other words, in Orsino’s eyes, he believes that love is very unpredictable, and can easily change emotions as the person is blinded by their particular love affair. In all, Orsino perceives love as a roller coaster ride, since when a person is in love, their feelings can change quickly. -Duke is dramatic, indecisive, and ambivalent Based on this scene (A1 Sc 1) , what is the Duke’s ( Orsino) view of love? Provide at least one piece of textual evidence to support your answer.
He was compared to an Opal, and this helps to convey the tone of the play as the Duke’s feelings as he is constantly changing and indecisive, creates a comedic approach within the play What is the Duke compared to and why?
-Orsino is not in love with Olivia, but of the idea of being in love What is Duke Orsino ACTUAL feelings about Olivia?
To create a comedic approach to the play Why do you thing Shakespeare created Orsino to be such an over-the-top character?
-Wants to meet Duke Orsino to help him (play the piano)-personality is determined, manipulative, and willing to go great lengths-Viola is most likely of a lower class than Duke Orsino which may be the reason why she chosen to disguise herself of a higher class What reason does Viola give for wishing to disguise herself? What is her social station and personality
-Viola conceals her identity by dressing as an eunuch (boy)-Viola concealing her appearance will conflict with how the Duke would present his feelings towards her Identify any cues to the theme of appearances conflicting with reality
-ignorant-silly-quirkyEx:Dancing for no reasonDifferent -Sir Andrew is shyer -Toby is malicious: wanted Malvolio locked up in a dark room Quick on his feet: Made both Viola and Andrew not want to fight each other In what ways are Sir Toby and sir Andrew similar
It’s only been three days and he’s already treating you like a close friend.Foreshadows: Orsino and Viola marrying since they have already built a type of relationship What is revealed about the Duke in the scene (FOreshadowing)
Viola has to make Olivia fall in love with Orsino as she is in love with him herself. This creates a humorous tone as Orsino describes Viola’s girly voice and appearance as perfect for the job While the audience is aware that Viola is actually a women Example of dramatic irony
In the play,”The Twelfth Night,” by Shakespeare, the Fool contributed to the motifs and role-playing as he was communicating with Olivia. During their conversation, the Fool states,”Then you’re a fool for being sad that your brother’s soul is in heaven. Take away this fool,Specifically, the fool is relating how the theme of appearances conflicting with reality is related to Olivia’s situation. He exposes that Olivia is appearing as though she is mourning for the death of her brother, but actually she is very prideful, and does not want nothing deal with anyone with regards to marriage. Therefore, the clown reveals how this motif is shown within Olivia. How does the clown contribute to the motifs of the play while talking with Olivia?
-Short tempered-Believes that he above everyone -stern Describe Malvolio
Ironically, as Olivia seems to be falling in love with Viola, the audience knows that Viola is actually a women in disguise. This is shown as dramatic irony because the character, Olivia, does not know of this situation. Instances of dramatic Irony with regard to Olivia and Viola
Orsino sent Viola to make Olivia love him, while Viola is secretly in love with him, and instead of making Olivia fall in love with Orsino, Olivia ends up in love with Viola. Instance of situational Irony with O + V situation
-Appearance-Both believe that the other one died -Both disguise themselves as someone else Viola-Cesario. Sebastian-Roderigo -Both go to Duke Orsino in Illyria Similarities between Sebastian and Viola
I’ll pray for the god of sadness to protect you, sir. And I hope your tailor will make you an outfit out of fabric that changes color, because your mind is like an opal that changes colors constantly.” What judgements does the Feste or fool say about Duke Orsino
In the play,”The Twelfth Night,” by Shakespeare, the Duke portrayed his view on women and love, while contradicting himself meanwhile. In the play Orsino states,”No woman’s heart is big enough to hold all my love. Women don’t feel love like that—love is as shallow as appetite for them.” In other words, Orsino believes that women do not value love the same as men. Orsino thinks that men are the ones who truely understands what it means to be in love with someone.He probably came up with this conclusion after how Olivia treated him once he began to express his love for her. However, Orsino begins to contradict himself once Viola describes how women actually view love as she states,”I know a lot about the love women can feel for men. Actually, their hearts are as sensitive and loyal as ours are.”In other words, this contradicts what Orsino stated because Viola tells him how women truely feel, and this gives him room to question if he could find a women that loves him just as much. Overall, Orsino has become very ambivalent towards his feelings of women and love. How are the Duke’s view on women and love developed in this scene? How does he contradict himself on this subject?
Sir Toby’s expectations for the perfect women are drastically low, to the extent of willing to marry someone for merely pulling a prank on someone else. This is completely different to the love that Orsino expresses towards Olivia. In the play, Orsino states,” No woman is strong enough to put up with the kind of intense passion I feel. No woman’s heart is big enough to hold all my love.” Therefore, this shows how deep love is for Orsino. He expresses how love is not a game, and how there are other factors controlling love, which is unlike what Sir Toby believes. In all, Sir Toby and Orsino have completely different views about love when compared in Shakespeare’s play. How are Sir Toby’s and Orsino’s view of love different
I’ve said too much to someone with a heart of stone. I’ve foolishly jeopardized my honor and reputation. I hate myself for behaving that way, but I just had to, and no criticism could have stopped me.” Similarly stating, Olivia’s passion towards Viola is just as strong as the Duke’s love for Olivia. In both cases, they uncontrollably express their love towards their love interest. The Duke and Olivia are willing to do anything possible to gain affection from their loved ones. Unfortunately, in both of these cases, the Duke and Olivia’s passion is rejected. Therefore, it is evident that Olivia’s passion is similar to Duke’s. How is the Duke and Olivia similar?
As Sebastian becomes a part of the equation, it is evident that he provides a resolution to the play’s main conflicts. One of the main problems in the play is being unable to have the person they love. In this case, Orsino loves Olivia, while Viola loves Orsino, and Olivia loves Viola. Since Sebastian is added into this love triangle, he has provided a solution. This is evident since Sebastian’s visage resemblies much of Viola’s appearance, and therefore giving Olivia someone to marry. Furthermore, Orsino, who has shown interest in Viola as she was disguised, is able to marry her once she able reveal her true self. How does Shakespeare come up with a solution to the play’s conflicts
Specifically he states,”But if that were the case, she wouldn’t be able to run her house, command her servants, listen to reports, make decisions, and take care of business as smoothly as she does.” Similarly, Sebastian is impressed by how productive, knowledgeable, and wealthy Olivia is.Sebastion admires more of Olivia’s personality. On the other hand, Orsino’s love for Olivia is based upon her outward appearance What qualities does Sebastian like about Olivia?
This is evident as Orsino states,”What, faithful to being mean and nasty? You’re not polite! I breathed from my soul the most faithful offerings to your ungrateful altars that any devoted person has ever offered—what more am I supposed to do?” In other words, Orsino’s is fed up with Olivia’s repulsive response towards his deep love for her. Orsino even goes on to say that he would kill the one that Olivia truly loves, Cesario, just to make her upset and lonely How has Orsino’s feelings toward Olivia change?
-Brother-Because she is not interested in marrying anyone and both her Father and her brother died -7 years Who did Olivia mourn for, why and how long did she intend to do this?
Duke OrsinoSir AndrewMalvolio Which characters like/love Olivia
A clergyman’ outfit Priest robeBeard What does the fool wear to become Sir Topas
Illyria What is the setting of the play
Describirnos of their father -Mole on forehead + died on Viola’s 13th birthday -Viola asked to be taken back to the sea captain where her women’s clothes are found What information is provided by Sebastian and Viola to confirm that they are indeed who they say they are? (To each other)
His wallet “Purse” What does Antonio give Sebastian that he asked for with Cesario
-his clothes yellow stockings with a black cord wrapped around them-a Wide smile-recited the words from the “love letter” that is foreign to Olivia What makes Olivia think Malvolio is crazy
At first Orsino was in love with Olivia based on her appearances and the captivating idea of loveThen he changed when he finally felt how love truly feels as he ends up marring Viola for her personality How does Orsino develop as a dynamic character over the course of the play?
Romantic love: Olivia and Viola Friendship: Antonio and SebastianFamily love: Olivia and her dead brotherMature love: Viola and Orsino (They want to be together and not because they have to)Self love: Malvolio or Orsino Know the different types of love relationships in the story: romantic love, friendship, family love, mature love, and self love. Which characters demonstrate each?