The Twelfth Night

The Three Elements of a Romantic Comedy: 1. Order is restored 2. Evil is punished 3. All are happy who deserve to be happy.
Written After: Hamlet at the midpoint of his career (1600-1601)
Original Title: What You Will
First performed for whom? Queen Elizabeth and her guest Italian nobleman, Don Virgino Orsino
When was the play first performed? January 6,1602
What was significant about the day the play was performed? It was the Twelfth Night of Christmas…The last day of the Christmas celebration.
Where did the play take place (setting)? Illyria an island; fictional Mediterranean state, Ancient name of an area off the Adriatic coast (Yugoslavia).
What was the setting of the play known for? Piracy
Twins, Sebastian and Viola, are on a ship coming from_____. Messoline
The theme of ____ is introduced as the twins entertain the crowd by cross dressing. mistaken identity
What happens to the ship that Sebastian and Viola are traveling on? It hits rough waves and weather. Throwing the ship off course; the wind and waves throw people off the boat. It ends up capsizing.
What does Viola believe happened to her brother? She believes he drowned.
Viola and a few other survivors find themselves washed up on what island? Illyria
Viola asks the sea captain to held her…do what? Dress up as a male.
Why did Viola want to dress up as a male? So she could work at the court and sing for Duke. She had to dress up as a man, because woman were not allowed.
At the Duke’s palace, Duke Orsino’s first speech (“If music be the food of love, play on…”) gives evidence of his… lovesickness
What point does Feste make about the idea of Olivia morning her dead brother? Feste asks if she is worried his soul is in hell. She replies of course not. Then he states then it is unnecessary to mourn him if she believes his soul is in heaven (A better place).
Who did Olivia say was sick of “self-love”? Malvolio
What does “sick of self-love” mean? Conceited, full of himself, in love with himself.
How does Shakespeare use a play on names with the name Malvolio? Mal- evil,malicious, mean
What does the duke ask “Cesario” to do for him? To woo Olivia on his behalf.
What is Olivia’s reaction to Cesario coming to talk to her for the duke? At first she is uncomfortable and annoyed.Then she is arrogant and intrigued.Finally she becomes in love.
Cesario tries to woo Olivia for the duke. In her passionate speech she says, “Make me a willow cabin at your gate…” What is Cesario telling Olivia about how she would react to unrequited love? He tells her she would not stop, and keep trying till they loved her.
What does Olivia say was left behind by Cesario, so she sends Malvolio after him? A ring.
The opening lines of the Act are about love, and so is the play as a whole. At the end of Act I, we realize that- Duke Orsino is in love with OliviaOlivia is in love with CesarioViola is in love with Duke Orsino.Malvolio is in love with Malvolio.
In this Act (II), we find out that_____ has not drowned! However he believes that _____ is dead. Sebastian; Viola
Who is Antonio? A sea captain who rescues and helps Sebastian. (They are fairly close.)
Where is Sebastian headed? (Act II) Orsino’s Court
Why won’t Antonio go with him? He has many enemies in Illyria. (Enemy of the court.)
Feste’s song keeps in the atmosphere of the whole play as he sings, “…What is ____? ‘Tis not hereafter; Present mirth hath present laughter; What’s to come is still _____.” love; unsure
In the Duke’s palace, Duke Orsino asks Cesario if he is in love. How does he respond when the duke asks…What kind of woman is it? Of your complexion
Of your complexion means…? Looks like you.
In the Duke’s palace, Duke Orsino asks Cesario if he is in love. How does he respond when the duke asks…What years? Your (Duke) years.
Of your years means..? Of the same age.
What is Orsino’s point of view about the way men and women differ in love?-Men Harder, stronger, firm, unwavering love. (Not giddy, love more, and more passionate.)
What is Orsino’s point of view about the way men and women differ in love?-Women Inconsistent, they fall in and out of love easily. (Like a rose)
Who yells at Sir Toby and Sir Andrew for being loud and obnoxious? Malvolio
What plan of revenge against Malvolio does the group decide on? To leave a letter to trick Malvolio into thinking Olivia courts him.
What is Malvolio thinking about right before he finds the letter? Olivia fancies him; How if they were to be married he would be Count Malvolio. How he would tell Sir Toby to amend his drunkenness (tell him what to do.) Having servants.
“…In my stars I am above thee; but be not afraid of _____; some are born _____, some achieve _____, and some have ______ thrust upon ’em. Thy fates open their hands…” greatness; great; great; greatness
Who does the letter imply is in love with Malvolio? Olivia
What does it say she wants him to do? “Be surly with servants…If thou entertainest my love, let it appear in thy smiles…wear yellow stocking cross-gartered.
What does “be surly” mean? bad tempered, rude and impolite. (unfriendly)
What is funny about the color of the stocking the letter says she wants him to wear? Olivia hates yellow, because she is in mourning.
How have Olivia’s feelings for Cesario deepened? She believes she loves him so much. Her long grows stronger each and every day.
Could Olivia’s love for Cesario be true love or love at first sight? Why? (Love at First Sight) The moment Olivia sees Cesario she believes she loves him, and her love continually grows stronger.
When Olivia asks Cesario how he feels about her, Cesario’s response is “I ____ you.” pity
Why does Cesario feel this way? (How he feels about Olivia). Because Cesario/ Viola knows that he/she will never love Olivia back.
Iambic Rhythm Patter (Unstressed – Stressed) unaccented= u and accented= ‘
Pentameter Set of five.
Antonio changes his original plan and meets Sebastian in the streets of Illyria. They make a plan to meet at the ________ Inn. Elephant.
Antonio gives Sebastian a pouch of ____. Money.
Cesario and Duke Orsino again talk about love. Cesario asks what “if she cannot love you, sir?” Orsino says that can’t be the answer. He says that no woman could love as much passionately as he loves. What is Cesario’s/ Viola’s response? No woman can love as passionately, that he (Cesario) once had a sister who loved a man, but had to hide it.
Sir Andrew is convinced by Toby that he is in love with whom? Olivia.
Why does Sir Toby want Sir Andrew around? Sir Andrew is Sir Toby’s drinking buddy, his source of money and entertainment (laughter).
Sir Toby convinces Sir Andrew to challenge Cesario to a ___. duel.
What is Olivia’s reaction to Malvolio when he comes to her in a very strange manner? She is confused, offended, and surprised. She believes he is ill or mad.
What do Sir Toby and Fabian tell both Cesario and Sir Andrew before the duel? They are both told the other is an amazing fighter, ferocious, and the devil in combat.
Who intervenes in the first fight between Cesario and Sir Andrew? Antonio.
Why does Antonio intervene in the fight? He thinks it is Sebastian, and wants to help his friend.
When the officers arrest Antonio for being an enemy of the court, Antonio asks Cesario for his purse. What is Cesario’s reaction? Cesario is confused, asking what money, and denies knowing Antonio.