The Triumph of Greek Civilization

How were the people of ancient Greece affected by the Geography of their homeland? The difficulty of transportation led to the creation of many isolated communities.
Which of the following bodies of water connect Greece directly with other lands? Aegean Sea
A characteristic of the Minoan civilization was its Development of a network of trade throughout the Mediterranean region
Which of the following provides the most accurate description of Mycenaean civilization of ancient Greece? Mycenae seems to have been the most important of a number of independent kingdoms
The “iliad” and the “Odyssey” are important sources of information about the values and customs of the Greeks who lived when the epics were composed
Which of the following statements most accurately describes the ancient Greek Religion as Described in the Homeric epics? Many male and female deities displayed the same emotions and characteristics as did human beings.
A polis of ancient Greece was a(n) politically independent unit that included a city and surrounding land
Which of the following tended to divide rather than unify the people of ancient Greece? their forms of government
Many Greek city-states encouraged migration to area outside of Greece during the 8th and 7th Centuries B.C. in order to… Ease discounted caused by a maldstbution of land and increases in poverty
What reputation did the city-state of Sparta have among other Greeks? its army was considered to be the best trained and most fearless.
Which of the following was a feature of Athenian democracy during the 5th century B.C.? All male citizens could vote in the city assembly regardless of wealth
As a result of the Persian Wars of the 5th century B.C Athens took the lead in organizing an alliance of Greek city-states against further attacks by Persian Empire
The Fundamental cause of the Peloponnesian War was Sparta’s fear and jealousy of power and wealth of Athens
As a result of the Peloponn Wars Sparta attempted to dominate the former city-states of the Athenian Empire
Which of the following ancient Greeks wrote the ” Republic” describing his plans for an ideal society? Plato
Which of the following mean first wrote down (codified) the laws of Athens providing that membership on the Athenian Council be open to all male citizen rather than only mean od wealth? Draco
Which of the following ancient Greek is paired correctly with the field to which he made important contributions? Aeschylus – Theater
Alexander the Great’s conquest of the Persian Empire resulted in A period of culture diffusion between Greece and the Near East
Which of the following events occurred LAST? Alexander The Great conquers Persia.
During what period of time did the Minoan culture of the crete develop a commercial empire? 2000-1500 B.C.
What is the traditional date for the Trojan War? 1200 B.C
What is the correct chronological order of the following events in the history of Ancient Greece? 3,4,2,1
During what century did the Age of Pericles Occur? 5th Century B.C ( 500-400 B.C)
Which event in Geek history, beginning 323 B.C., occurred LAST? The Hellenistic Age.
Geographically, Greece is a Hilly and mountainous peninsula
Which of the following waterways provided a pathway between ancient Greece Egypt? Mediterranean Sea
The Minoan culture, located on the island of Crete, Was the first urban civilization to develop in Europe
The “iliad” and the “Odyssey” are important because they are great works of literature that help us understand life in ancient Greece
Many small city-states developed in ancient Greece largely because The Greek peninsula is divided by mountains and inlets that separated people
Which was the most important reason for the Greek colonization of the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas between 800 and 600 B.C.? A shortage of land for the growing population in Greece
The polis or city-state of ancient Greece was a city and the agricultural lands surrounding it
Which of the following was emphasized in the education of Spartan youths in ancient Greece? Physical strength and military skill
This quotation indicated that the Ancient Athenians believed Democracy requires active Participation by all citiesns
Which of the following is a major contribution of ancient Athens to Western Civilization? Democracy
Solon is an important figure in the history of ancient Athens because he
The Democracy of ancient Athens was different from democracy today in the United States, Because in Athens Only male citizens could vote directly on propose laws
As a result of the Persian Wars of the 5th century B.C The influence of Athens increased in Greece
The basis of the Peloponnesian War was The rivalry between Sparta and Athens
As a result of the Peloponnesian War, Sparta dominated Greece for a number of years
The conquests of Alexander the Great (334-323 B.C) reused in the Spread of Greek culture throughout the eastern Mediterranean
A student who did research about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, is probably working on a report about ancient Greek Philosophy Made Athenian Government more democratic
who wrote the famous book on Geometry Called “The Elements” Euclid
Which of the following ancient Greek Developed an understanding of the use of the lever and pulley? Archimedes
Which of the following statement accurately describes the contribution of Eratosthenes? He Estimated the size of the earth’s circumference.
An ancient Greek whose work laid the foundation for modern histories was Thucydides

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