The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet act 1 study guide

What is the structure of the Prologue? Sonnet
Who are the two households? Capulet & Montague
What does it mean if you are “star-crossed’? Doomed
What is the setting at the beginning of Act I? Public Square, 1300’s, and Verona
For what family do Sampson and Grgory work? Capulet
For what family do Abram and Balthasar work? Montague
The opening scene between the four young men introduces what aspect of the plot? They are fighting
Why do Sampson and Gregory try to trick Abram and Balthasar into beginning the fight? Because they don’t like them
To whom is Benvolio related? Romeo
How are Benvolio and _____ related? Benvolio’s his uncle
How yould you characterize Benvolio in line 66-74? He loves to fight
To whom is Tybalt related? Juliet
How are Tybalt and ______ related? They’re cousins
How would you characterize Tybalt in lines 66-74? He loves to fight
In Prince Escalus’ speech, we learn that the Montagues and Capulets recently fought for how many times? 3
“Bred of an airy word”(line 97) means what? Insults
What does the prince threaten if Capulets and Montagues fight again? He’d kill them
“Exeunt” means they leave
Based on lines 126-150, characterize Romeo Depressed
Is this a Direct or Indirect characterization? Indirect
Why is Romeo so sad? The girl he loves does not love him back
What is the structure of Romeo’s speech in lines 200-209? Couplets
In lines 225-234 we learn what about Romeo’s love? She wants to stay pure
What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo? Forget about her
Romeo loves whom? Rosaline
What is the setting of scene II? Street Near the Capulet house, 1300’s, & Verona
To whom is Paris related? The Prince
What is Paris’ “suit”? Kinsman of the Prince, and Servant
How old is Juliet? 13
What does “Younger than she are happy mother’s made” mean? Younger girls are happy mothers
How does Lord Capulet feel about Paris’ suit? He wants Juliet married when she’s 15
Based on the conversation, how would you characterize Lord Capulet? Protective
What is happening tonight? Party
What is Lord Capulet’s advice to Paris? Find a new girl.
What is ironic about sending the servant to invite the guests? That Srvant didn’t know how to read and Romeo was on the same street, so Romeo helps the Servant.
What does Romeo discover from the servant that gets his attention? Party
The servant’s meeting with Romeo is which characteristic of the tragedy? Capulet
Romeo “loves” whom? Rosaline
What does Benvolio suggest to Romeo? Go to the Party
Why did Benvolio suggest this to Romeo? Rosaline could have been there and Romeo could compare other girls
What new setting information do we learn in Scene III? In Capulet’s House
How would you characterize the Nurse? Loud &Talkative
When’s Juliet’s Birthday? July 31
What do we learn about the Nurse’s family in her speech lines 21-30? They’re Christians
Who is Susan? The Nurses’s Daughter
What is Juliet’s “disposition to be married” in line 72? She gets to choose
How old is Lady Capulet? 26
What is the extended metaphor Lady Capulet uses to describe Paris in lines 90-104? A book
How old is Romeo? 16
Who is “his” that Romeo is speaking of in lines 20-23? “I am too sore enpierced with his shaft To soar with his light feathers, and so bound I cannot bound a pitch above dull woe.” Mercutio
To whom is Mercutio related? Prince
What does Benvolio mean by lines 34-35?”Come, knock and enter, and no sooner in But every man betake him to his legs.” Wants to go to the party
Who is Queen Mab? Fairies midwife makes us dream
Romeo’s speech in lines 116-123 is an example of what Shakespearean theme? Fate
The difference in tone between the end of scene IV and the beginning of scene V is known as this structure. Foil
How would you characterize Lord Capulet at the beginning of scene V? Mercurial
What does Lord Capulet want everyone to do? Dance
Romeo’s speech in lines 49-58 is written in what structure? Couplets
Whom does he see? Juliet
How does Tybalt react to Romeo ? As an enemy
What does Lord Capulet say about Romeo in lines 73-75? He’s a guest
What does it tell us about Lord Capulet’s character when he reacst so strongly toward Tybalt? Wants peace,no fight
What do lines 98-101 mean? Restrain himself from being forced Tybalt is angry
When Romeo and Juliet first speak, what is the structure of their lines? Sonnet
What is the extended metaphor in the speech? Holt shrine, pilgrims, religous
How does Romeo react when he learns that Juliet is Capulet’s daughter? Juliet’s now his foe
What is the irony of line 150-151? She wants to marry him