The Tragedy of Macbeth- Test

When, where, and for whom was “Macbeth” first performed? 1606; Hampton Court Palace; King James the First
Where is the play set? 11th century Scotland
The play is a mixture of… fact and fiction
Shakespeare’s historical source for “Macbeth” is… Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland
When did the real Macbeth rule Scotland? 1040-1057 A.D.
True or False; the real Macbeth killed the king of Scotland to become king True
Macbeth is a ________ hero. tragic
Four Reasons Macbeth is a tragic hero. 1. of noble birth and basically good2. has a tragic flaw3. commits crime for which he will suffer4. will fall from power
4 Motifs in the play 1. Blood2. Darkness3. Sleeplessness4. Appearance vs. Reality
How many witches are there? three
True or False; Macbeth and Lady Macbeth don’t really love each other. False
King James I is a direct descendant of what character? Banquo
Shakespeare writes in what poetic style? Blank Verse (iambic pentameter)
What scenes in Macbeth are written in prose? Macbeth’s letter to Lady Macbeth, the porter scene, Lady Macbeth’s conversation with her son, and the sleepwalking scene
What do the witches speak in? Rhymed couplets of iambic trimeter
What is the goal of the witches? To meddle with things
Who are the witches waiting for in Act 1 Scene 1? Macbeth
What type of phrase is “Fair is foul and foul is fair”? antithetical expression (paradoxical/ambiguous)
What motif does the phrase “Fair is foul and foul is fair” evoke? appearance vs. reality
Who is Scotland fighting in the first scene? Norway
Where is the first scene of the play set? a desert place near Forres
Where is Act 1 Scene 2 set? soldiers’ camp near Forres
Who is the king in the beginning of the play? Duncan
What is Forres? the location of the king’s palace
older son of Duncan; matures throughout the play; escapes to England after Duncan’s death but ultimately comes back to take the throne of Scotland Malcolm
Duncan’s two sons Malcolm and Donalbain
premier Norwegian rebel soldier; is killed by Macbeth Macdonwald
How are Macbeth and Duncan related? first cousins
Thane who accompanies Ross in bringing Duncan news of the victory over Norway and later in bringing Macbeth the announcement of his accession to the rank of Thane of Cawdor (though Ross actually says the message) Angus
Who is “Bellona’s Bridegroom”? Macbeth
Roman goddess of war Bellona
What is the one title the English allowed the Scottish to obtain? Thane
What happened to the previous Thane of Cawdor? He was killed for betraying Duncan.
King of Norway whom Macbeth defeats in hand-to-hand combat (doesn’t kill him) Sweno
What title does Macbeth obtain in the first act? Thane of Cawdor
What title does Macbeth already have at the beginning of the play? Thane of Glamis
Where is Act 1 Scene 3 set? heath near Forres
In what three scenes do the witches appear (minus Hecate scene)? Act 1 Scene 1 and 3; Act 4 Scene 1
Who are the three foils to Macbeth? 1. Banquo2. Edward the Confessor3. Macduff
In what scene does Macbeth’s tragic flaw first appear? Act 1 Scene 3 (hearing the prophecy)
What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw? excessive ambition
How is Banquo a foil to Macbeth? He always tells the truth (Macbeth always lies) and he doesn’t trust the witches
What is the prophecy that the witches give to Macbeth and Banquo? Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor and King; Banquo’s descendants will be kings
Explain the encounter of the witch and the sailor’s wife that is related in Act 1 Scene 3 wife wouldn’t share chestnuts; witches go after sailor and cause 81 day storm at sea (not necessarily to kill- they don’t care)
3 Titles the witches use to address Macbeth in Act 1 Scene 3 1. Thane of Glamis2. Thane of Cawdor3. King Hereafter
Macbeth’s father Sinel
Thane that tells Macbeth he is Thane of Cawdor Ross
What words does Macbeth use that indicate he interpreted the witches’ message as them wanting him to kill the king? supernatural soliciting
When is the last time Macbeth speaks truthfully to Banquo? end of Act 1 Scene 3 (“let us speak our free hearts each to other”)
Where is Act 1 Scene 4 set? Forres
What is Malcolm named that puts him between Macbeth and the crown? Prince of Cumberland
Macbeth’s castle Inverness
Where is Act 1 Scene 5 set? Inverness
What is in Macbeth’s letter to Lady Macbeth in Act 1 Scene 5? the witches’ prophecy
Who is stronger at the beginning of the play: Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? How do the roles change later on? Lady Macbeth; Macbeth gradually begins taking control and Lady Macbeth falls apart
Motif expressed in “Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.” appearance vs. reality
Where is Act 1 Scene 6 set? Inverness
Where is Act 1 Scene 7 set? Inverness
5 reasons Macbeth gives to not kill the king 1. sets a precedent of regicide2. Macbeth is his kinsman and subject3. Duncan is his guest4. Duncan has been a good king; his death would upset nature5. Duncan has been good to Macbeth
What animal does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth to in Act 1 Scene 7? cat
Who acts as a spur for Macbeth to kill Duncan? Lady Macbeth
Who plans the murder of Duncan? Lady Macbeth
Motif expressed in “false face must hide what the false heart doth know” (Act 1 Scene 7) appearance vs. reality
What always happens at the end of act 1 in Shakespeare’s plays? a plan is formed
Where is Act 2 Scene 1 set? Inverness
Banquo’s son Fleance
What is Macbeth’s first hallucination (Act 2 Scene 1)? the bloody dagger
What does Lady Macbeth do to signal to Macbeth the coast is clear to kill Duncan (Act 2 Scene 1)? rings a bell
What does Macbeth’s first hallucination represent? good nature vs. tragic flaw
Goddess of witchcraft and magic Hecate
Where is Act 2 Scene 2 set? Inverness
What scene is a possible start of Lady Macbeth’s breakdown? Act 2 Scene 2
Why can’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan? he looks like her father
What is Macbeth’s second hallucination? He hears voices in the hall saying “Macbeth will sleep no more”
What does Macbeth find himself unable to say in Act 2 Scene 2? Amen
Who knocks at the door in Act 2 Scene 2? Macduff
Where is Act 2 Scene 3 set? Inverness
What is the name given to Act 2 Scene 3? the Porter scene
Who dies in Act 2 Scene 3? Who kills them? the guards (off-stage); Macbeth
Why does Macbeth say he killed the guards in Act 2? Why does he actually kill them? full of emotion/anger over Duncan’s death; doesn’t want them to reveal his guilt
What does Lady Macbeth do in Act 2 Scene 3 to possibly draw attention away from Macbeth? she faints
Who discovers Duncan is dead? Macduff
Where does Malcolm flee in Act 2 Scene 3? England
Where does Donalbain flee to in Act 2 Scene 3? Ireland
How many death wishes does Macbeth have? 4
Where is Macbeth’s first death wish? Act 2 Scene 3
Where is Act 2 Scene 4 set? Inverness
When does Act 2 Scene 4 takes place? two weeks after Duncan’s murder
Who is crowned king after Duncan’s death? Macbeth
Where does Macduff live? Fife
Who does Macduff believe should be king? Malcolm
Does Macduff go to Macbeth’s crowning? No; goes to Fife
What is Scone? Where Scottish kings are crowned
What is Colmekill? Where Scottish kings are buried
Where is Act 3 Scene 1 set? Forres
Who does Macbeth decide to kill in Act 3 Scene 1? Banquo and Fleance
Why does Macbeth have Banquo killed? he knows about the prophecy and Macbeth is jealous of his descendants
Does Macbeth enjoy being king? No
Where is Act 3 Scene 2 set? Forres
In what scene is Lady Macbeth’s first death wish? Act 3 Scene 2
Where is the first time Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s roles are reversed? Act 3 Scene 2
When is Macbeth’s second death wish? Act 3 Scene 2
Where is Act 3 Scene 3 set? park outside palace at Forres
What scene is the first part of the play’s climax? Act 3 Scene 3 (Banquo’s death)
How many murderers does Macbeth instruct to kill Banquo? 2
How many murderers participate in killing Banquo? 3
Who escapes when Banquo dies? Fleance
How many times was Banquo stabbed? 20 (then they threw him in a ditch and slit his throat)
Where does Act 3 Scene 4 take place? palace at Forres
What is Macbeth’s third hallucination? Banquo’s ghost in his chair (at banquet)
Who does Macbeth decide to kill in Act 3 Scene 4? Macduff
Who does Macbeth decide to visit in Act 3 Scene 4? the witches
Where is Act 3 Scene 5 set? heath near Forres
What is the only scene scholars agree that Shakespeare didn’t write? Act 3 Scene 5
Young Thane attending on Duncan; accompanies Macduff the morning of Duncan’s murder; joins Macbeth’s court, but is soon convinced of the usurper’s guilt, which he cautiously exposes to similarly-minded lords in ironical phrases; still stays with Macbeth, however, bringing him the news of Macduff’s flight. He is one of the Thanes who deserts Macbeth once Malcolm invades Lennox
Where is Act 3 Scene 6 set? Forres
What do Lennox and another Lord figure out in Act 3 Scene 6? Macbeth is behind the murders
General of the English army Siward
Why did Macduff leave for England? to gather an army against Macbeth
Where does Act 4 Scene 1 take place? a cave
In what scene do we last see the witches? Act 4 Scene 1
What does Macbeth do out of anger against Macduff? He kills Macduff’s family
What is Act 4 Scene 1 an example of an unrealistic incident that represents a plausible event
Famous Line from Act 4 Scene 1 “Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.”
What are the three apparitions in Act 4 Scene 1? 1. armed head (Macduff)2. bloody child (Macduff)3. crowned child holding tree branch (Malcolm)
What does the apparition of the armed head say in Act 4 Scene 1? “Beware Macduff! Beware the Thane of Fife!”
What does the apparition of the bloody child say in Act 4 Scene 1? “none of woman born shall harm Macbeth”
What does the apparition of the crowned child holding a tree branch say in Act 4 Scene 1? “Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him.”
What do the second two apparitions do in Act 4 Scene 1? equivocate
What do the witches reply in Act 4 Scene 1 when Macbeth asks if Banquo’s descendants will ever be kings? What do they show him? Yes; 8 men (who look similar to Banquo) walk across stage with mirrors in which Macbeth can see never-ending line of kings; Banquo brings up the rear
Where does Act 4 Scene 2 take place? Castle Fife
Who is conversing in the beginning of Act 4 Scene 2? Lady Macduff and her son
Who gets killed on-stage in Act 4 Scene 2? Macduff’s son
term for someone of a lower station than you are sirah
Who is killed in Act 4 Scene 2? Everyone in Macduff’s castle
Where is Act 4 Scene 3 set? England
What does Malcolm do to test Macduff’s allegiance in Act 4 Scene 3? He lies and tells Macduff that he is lustful, greedy, dishonest, etc.; he tries to convince Macduff that he is worse than Macbeth to see how he reacts
Who tells Macduff about his family’s death in Act 4 Scene 3? Ross
How is Edward the Confessor a foil to Macbeth? He is a healer (Macbeth is a murderer) and his subjects flock around him (Macbeth’s subjects run away from him)
How is Macduff a foil to Macbeth? He believes Malcolm should be king, and he never wears a false face (Macbeth always lies)
What is the disease that Edward heals? The King’s evil; scrofula
How does Macduff react to the death of his family? He is speechless, incredulous (about to cry); he blames himself
What does Malcolm tell Macduff when hearing about his family’s death? He tells him to take it like a man (stop grieving– get angry)
How many people are in the army the Malcolm and Macduff gather against Macbeth? 10,000
Where is Act 5 Scene 1 set? Dunsinane
Where has Macbeth moved his army in Act 5? Dunsinane
What is Act 5 Scene 1 known as? the sleepwalking scene
Who observes Lady Macbeth in Act 5 Scene 1? a doctor and a gentlewoman
What is Lady Macbeth doing in Act 5 Scene 1? What is the technical word for it? sleepwalking; somnambulism (she’s a somnambulist)
When and What is Lady Macbeth’s first and only apparition? Act 5 Scene 1; she keeps trying to wash her hands, hallucinating that they’re covered in blood
What does Lady Macbeth hallucinate as she sleepwalks in Act 5 Scene 1? She relives the events of Duncan’s death
Why does Lady Macbeth speak in prose in Act 5 Scene 1? She’s losing her mind; doesn’t have control over speech
How does Lady Macbeth’s comfort with darkness change over the course of the play? In act 1, she is completely comfortable with it and even appeals to it for strength; by act 5, she demands a light wherever she goes; she is terrified by darkness
How does Lady Macbeth’s speech differ from Act 1 to Act 5? Act 1: eloquent, poetic, iambic pentameter; Act 2: uncontrolled, crude (curses), prose, monosyllabic words
What does the doctor think Lady Macbeth is going to do in Act 5 Scene 1? kill herself
Where is Act 5 Scene 2 set? Dunsinane (Birnam Wood)
Where is Act 5 Scene 3 set? Dunsinane (in fortress)
Officer attending Macbeth in Act 5 Seyton
When does Macbeth have his third death wish? Act 5 Scene 3
Where is Act 5 Scene 4 set? Dunsinane (Birnam Wood)
What idea does Malcolm have in Act 5 Scene 4 that brings the third apparition to fruition? He tells the soldiers to cut off boughs of the woods around them in order to camouflage their troops.
Where is Act 5 Scene 5 set? Dunsinane (inside fortress)
Who dies in Act 5 Scene 5? Lady Macbeth
Who informs Macbeth of Lady Macbeth’s death in Act 5 Scene 5? Seyton
How does Macbeth react to the death of his wife in Act 5 Scene 5? He says that “she should have died hereafter”; he becomes poetic with speech, but spends little time grieving and moves on to consider his immediate situation
What does Macbeth become in Act 5 Scene 5? an existentialist
What does Macbeth compare himself to in Act 5 Scene 5? a stage actor
When is Macbeth’s fourth death wish? Act 5 Scene 5 (“Out, out, brief candle”)
What does Macbeth finally realize when his messenger reports the apparent moving of Birnam Wood? He shouldn’t have listened to the apparitions
Where is Act 5 Scene 6 set? Dunsinane (outside fortress)
Who are the first on the frontlines when attacking Macbeth’s fortress in Act 5 Scene 6? Siward and Young Siward
Where is Act 5 Scene 7 set? Dunsinane (inside fortress)
Who does Macbeth kill in Act 5 Scene 7? Young Siward
What does Macduff search for in Act 5 Scene 7? Macbeth (he wants to kill him before anyone else can–vengeance for the death of his family)
What does Macduff call Macbeth in Act 5 Scene 8? Hellhound
Where is Act 5 Scene 8 set? Dunsinane (inside fortress)
What does Macbeth say that indicates he isn’t completely evil (Act 5 scene 8)? “Of all men else I have avoided thee.”
What does Macduff reveal in Act 5 Scene 8 that brings the 2nd apparition to fruition? He was cut prematurely from his mother’s wound
What are the three messages Ross presents in the play? 1. Thane of Cawdor2. Death of Macduff’s family3. Death of Young Siward
What does Siward clarify to make sure his son died honorably in Act 5 Scene 8? makes sure the wounds are on his front
What does Malcolm do in Act 5 Scene 8 that prove he has matured since earlier in the play? He allows Siward to grieve for his son
What is at the very end of Act 5 Scene 8? catharsis
Who gives the last lines in the play? Malcolm
Who gives the first lines in the play? the witches
What are the 4 parts to the catharsis in Act 5? 1. new title for thanes–earls2. everyone who fled Scotland can return home3. the “butcher” and his queen are dead4. Malcolm will be the people’s king
purging of emotions/moral and spiritual reconciliation/resolution at end of play catharsis
What are the three main differences between Macduff’s reaction to his family’s death and Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s death? 1. Macduff is speechless; Macbeth is poetic2. Macduff dwells on it; Macbeth moves on3. Macduff blames himself; Macbeth blames the witches
How many death wishes does Macbeth have? 4
How many death wishes does Lady Macbeth have? 1 (Act 3 Scene 2)
How many apparitions does Macbeth see in Act 4 scene 1? 3
How many hallucinations does Macbeth have? 3